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  1. @Christine Walker Sorry, let me try to ask in a different way. What I am asking is it it will increase or reduce the price of the frame when a finishing is selected?
  2. Thank you everyone for your responses so far! 😊 @Bozza I am based in Aberdeenshire, quite rural but I would be looking at a serviced plot. @Christine Walker Size I am looking at a 3 bed house 110 - 145m2 and not a bungalow but the rest would be dictated by costings I think. Thank you @the_r_sole, I have contacted the companies but haven't received a response as of yet so just wanted to see other peoples opinions! @newhome That's great to know, thank you. I'm not too concerned about the erection of the TF as I have a few options for this, was just wondering if the spec varied and if they supplied screws too. Do you know if the price for the TF goes up/down when choosing a finishing? (Finishes being the timber clad/bricks/slates etc)
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice here... I'm new to this and just starting out by looking at different options. Does anyone know what the differences with the full spec options at both Scotframe and Fleming Homes? How do Fleming Homes give you a price for the full build through the cost calculator? What does this include? Does anyone have a full cost spreadsheet that they wouldn't mind sharing? I'm hoping to do this on a budget but don't know what to expect and what the "hidden costs" may include?