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  1. Hello again, to continue this subject, I've been back up in the loft, and taken some pics, also of the storage tank in the first floor bedroom, directly under the loft tanks. There are two tanks in the loft, large to the left and smaller to the right. So to come back to my original question, I want to bleed the rads, so does this mean that the overall water level is self-regulating and therefore self-filling? I've included photos of the bedroom hot water cylinder, would anyone care to to guess whether that is a Primatic or not? As the system is old but still with some life left in it, we would be interested in helping it in any way we can. If the consensus is that it would be worthwhile adding inhibitor, what type would you use? Many thanks again, Smithy.
  2. This is fabulous, thank you both so much! Yes there is a big black monstrosity up in the attic, right above the tank, which is in the cupboard in the main bedroom. If I recall correctly it was kind of wrapped in black plastic and I just left it alone. I'll process your info and go check it out, and come back in a couple of days. Many thanks, Smithy
  3. Could someone please help me understand how I go about topping up the water level of a back boiler. Where I recently moved in to, there is a back boiler which is both old and needing of replacement. Until that time comes, I need to bleed the rads, but I've even never seen a back boiler before. With a combi-boiler the filling loop and pressure gauge are usually next to the boiler, would I be right in thinking that when I pull out the fireplace, the filling loop and pressure gauge will be visible next to the boiler? Do back boilers even have the ability to have the water topped up? I haven't touched the thing yet until I get a better picture. Many thanks, Smithy.
  4. Hi everyone, My original reason for joining is to gain understanding of a back boiler, but now I'm here I might as well make myself comfy After getting evicted last year I find myself in the position of being a lodger with a wonderful disabled woman. She is appreciative of my diy abilities, and in return I have a great place to spread out in. I'm a bit of a lightweight due to past injuries, and my strengths lie in precise working and thoroughness (but you won't find me doing the heavy stuff, sorry). Smithy