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  1. We did actually have three chambers, one was a leeching pit that acted as a soakaway. However, the roots had completely gone through the perforated bricks so rendered it useless. Now we've had a pipe fitted from the second chamber to a pumping station to soakaway in our garden.... (Which is too small for a standard soakaway.....) Learnt a lot in the last few months!
  2. Thanks for the advice, here's a pic of it to help.
  3. Our garden isn't massive, so ideally we don't want to smell it at all.
  4. We have a 50 year old brick-built septic tank. Having uncovered the top of it from many years of earth and roots, we found the tank to have a hole (120mm diameter) for a long gone vent pipe and at the opposite end a vent pipe that is crumbling away. The question is what is the best thing to use for venting? I've seen this (Studor Maxi-Filtra Two Way Vent for Septic Tank) can I use this for both holes or sold I use on of plus an Air Admittance Valve on the other? Can send pics if necessary. Thanks in advance