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  1. It’s my intention to leave the existing walls/floors as they are. The night storage heaters will be removed as they’ve got to be expensive to run and you have no real control over them?
  2. Some of it will be rewired but it will all be chased into the wall. I will not be replastering the rooms and apart from the extra insulation in the attic, I’m not sure if I could do anything to the cavity walls as they were done in the’80’s?
  3. The double glazing looks less than 10 years old. cavity wall and standard render/plaster. This is my homework.......
  4. I’m after a little advice and direction with regards to a house we are purchasing. It’s a 1965 bungalow that at present has an oil fired AGA which appears to power one large radiator and then electric storage heaters elsewhere within the house. The house had cavity insulation done in the late ‘80s and all the windows are double glazed and appear to be of good quality. The loft has good insulation although, we will increase this, regardless. The area does not have mains gas, hence the oil system now. However, as far as I’m concerned, we’re essentially starting from scratch so, what would be the most efficient way of heating the property? I’d like a gas cooker with electric oven as I just like cooking on gas but, I’m more than happy to have a simple cylinder system for the cooker if required - it doesn’t have to be a gas system if there’s something better out there. The property is about 150 sqm and the criteria is to have the most efficient but least environmentally system we can. Ive seen that there’s all sorts of grants available for different systems but, I don’t really understand them all!! Many thanks in advance for any help!!