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  1. The site is 0.59 acres. In South Wales.
  2. We've been quoted £2.5K for the arboricultural survey. The site is overgrown and so I can't provide a definitive re number of trees (and neither can they at the moment!). We know three are 3 very mature trees (which we want to retain) and in addition to this, there are approx 6 young Ash trees.
  3. Hello all! We're currently in the process of preparing our planning application (with the assistance of our architect) for submission. The LA have already advised that they require a number of surveys to be undertaken. We've received a quote for an ecological survery and arboricultural survey which we think is extremely expensive. Can anyone advise how much they paid for such surveys so that we can get an idea of what's average?! Also, the LA has advised that we will need a traffic survey - to include the provision of speed surveys along the adjacent highway to our plot. We are building in South Wales - can anyone recommend a reputable company to undertake such an assessment? Thanks!
  4. Yes, we're happy with Ts&Cs etc. We are more concerned with being able to add the fees we pay now to our mortgage, which will be processed nearer to the start of development.
  5. Hi Quick question - we've received a quote from an architect, which we're happy with. If we pay fees now (we haven't yet got planning permission) are we able to recover these retrospectively when we apply for a mortgage to complete the build?
  6. @Bored Shopperwe live in South Wales!
  7. Hi ? Does anyone have any experience of Saffron Building Societies self build mortgage? We're considering all available finance options at the moment and would be useful to feedback on this product. Thanks
  8. Hi all ?? My husband and I have recently purchased a plot of land to build our own home. It doesn't have planning consent at the moment, but pre-planning advice was positive so fingers crossed! There seems to be a lot to learn about this whole process and I'm guessing it will be a steep learning curve! Looking forward to picking up all the advice we can!
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