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  1. I found this article that explains everything about Hypochlorous Acid and how to make it. I thought the key was adding vinegar to salt water solution to lower the PH and the ones that say their machine is making Sodium Hypochlorite are using only salt and water, but in that aticle there is a link at the bottom of the page (Ref No. 66) to a machine that is called Eco One and its description says that the size of the electrolysis cell makes the difference. "Size of the Electrolysis Cell - Our electrolysis cell is relatively large for a 1 Liter pitcher and only requires 2 grams of salt to generate 200 ppm of hypochlorous acid. Even higher concentrations can be generated if the system is run for extra cycles. Many low quality systems manufactured in China are requiring very large quantities of salt. If you see that the directions on a system require 5 to 20 grams of salt per Liter, you can be sure that the electrolysis cell is very small and your solution salinity will be extremely high. Most likely the system is generating sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and not hypochlorous acid (HOCl)." Here is the link: They ship worldwide but it's quite expensive! It also says: "Titanium Electrolysis Cell - The cell must be manufactured in high grade titanium. Systems using electrolysis cells that are manufactured from lower quality alloys will deteriorate quickly and may not be generating hypochlorous acid. If the electrolysis cell is made from steel or other lower grade metals, the electrolysis cell will deteriorate very quickly and will generate harmful chromium compounds that can be carcinogenic." So that statement makes me worried about buying a cheap one.
  2. Thanks for your reply but it's not about the cost. Bleach is not good for the environment. I am looking for a safe chemical free product for disinfecting.
  3. Hello Jeremy, I found this forum and your post while I was doing research about the electrolyzed water. Someone suggested it as a safer way of disinfecting surfaces at work when we open after the lockdown. Your post was very helpful, however since I am not familiar with chemistry I have a few questions that I will appreciate if you help me with. The model in the link above looks like the one you purchased from China. Most of the similar models advertise them as 'Hypochlorous Acid making machine' but in their description they says it is making 'Sodium hypochlorite' which is different and it's bleach, if am I right? Then they say it is completely safe, chemical free and non-toxic and can be used to disinfect anything even food! This is very confusing as nobody in their right mind would use bleach on their fruits or vegetables!! So I don't understand. Can you please shed some light on this?? Many thanks.