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  1. Thank you everyone, it seems that the general consensus is Novy. You have helped me make up my mind! 😀
  2. Hi I am looking for a recirculating, wall mounted 90cm cooker hood. Due to building restriction, no extraction is possible. My kitchen dimension is L3.5m x W2.4m x H 2.7m, with a fairly large window. The hob I plan to install is a gas hob, 75cm, 5 burners We do a fair amount of "greasy" cooking (asian stir fry and a lot of steak grilling), so something with optimal grease capture and easy to clean would be ideal. So far I have found these models in the same price range Novy 6510 Bosch DWB98JQ50B so basically entry level Novy vs higher range Bosch. Performance specs seem to be always specified in extraction mode, so it is hard to tell which is better. Does anyone have an opinion on what the best choice would be? Or any other suggestion? Thank you for your help.