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  1. Hi All, sorry for my delayed response and thanks for your comments and suggestions. Attic is a no no, already had a loft conversion and my 24yrs young son has turned it into his penthouse, no space for the tank. Building control didn’t actually say why the build to hold the tank cannot touch the extension, I will ask and place response on this post. The only reason why I have decided to have the tank placed outside is because from the inside of my home there is absolutely no access to a gully for the hot water drainage. I have large enough space under the staircase, across to all required water pipes and electrics but no way of running a drainage pipe through 8 meters of built in kitchen, underfloor heating and tiled flooring. I’ve had numerous professional people round who agreed that the only way is to place the tank outside (should have planned for the Megaflo-my fault). Sent an email to BC requested info on requirements foundations, particular bricks, insulation requirements all that but would like first hand advice or pictures of a build that I can follow to ensure my tank is protected from all types of weather. Again Peter, Temp and Nick I’d appreciate all your kind advice. Thanks.
  2. Hello Members, I’m a new member, after reading a lot of feeds from members on Buildhub I quickly realised how many experts were actually on this sit and helpful this site is. I thought id join and pick your brains, be grateful for your help. Recently completed a kitchen extension then had an after thought of installing a mega flow, friend did me a real good deal on a 300L, problem is there’s absolutely nowhere in our home to place it so decided to one place would be outside our extension. Building Control came, passed the extension and advised me that the build to hold the mega flow cannot directly touch the extension in any way, pipes from internal boiler to external megaflo is fine. I wanted to ask if anyone could suggest how and what is actually required, any special flooring (foundation), thickness of wall, with or without insulation, suggest which type of roof required, basically all. I have a small area available just outside current extension so would like least space used as possible. Your suggestions, guidance and ideas will be most welcomed. Thank you.