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  1. The engineered flooring is made of lots of 120x600mm pieces in a herringbone pattern so no, I presume it will not be structural, although the pieces do fit together with tongue and grove.
  2. I need advice on the best material to lay ontop of wet underfloor heating between existing joists to lay engineered parquet flooring. Floor construction is made up of suspended timber floor with battons to support 70mm insulation board. UFH heating pipes then clipped to insulation and covered with 8:1 pug mix. My supplier of the engineered flooring (which is 15mm thick) recommended screw ply onto joists and then glue engineered flooring onto the ply, however I am worried that this will have a detrimental effect on the heating efficiency. Is there a better option to this or does it sound like the best option? And if so what thickness ply would be recommended? Thanks