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  1. Hey everyone, I recently bought a house that has a garden around 20ft wide. At the end of the garden is an old shed (approx 6ft wide x 9ft long), about a ft away from the fence. Given it only takes up half the garden width, I wanted to take this down and put a much bigger one (17ft wide x 9 ft long). The thing is, the current shed is sitting on a concrete base, however the rest of the bit is just mud and poorly kept lawn. As I'll need to build a base there for the bigger shed, I'm not sure what to do with the current concrete base. I was planning on putting in a base with paving slabs, as I think that it'll look nicer when the slabs stick out a little bit, but wasn't sure what to do with the existing base. Is there anything bad about just building my paving around the base, assuming it is all level? Or is it better to build a frame around the existing concrete base and lay another concrete slab? Incase it wasn't clear, the current base is just concrete that's been poured and flattened, not concrete slabs I can just lift up again. It looks like there's a chance one of the walls of the shed may sit on the existing slab if I want to keep it the same distance away from the fence. I'm a massive beginner when it comes to work like this so would appreciate any advice! Thanks all