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  1. Thermal kit specs i was going to go for 5 star kit.
  2. I wasn't planning to, only because i had read on here that it wasn't required. I hadn't taken in to account geographical differences and whether it would be accepted or not. I will speak to my father in law who is a retired architectural technician and get his views. We haven't discussed it much with him yet as we are trying to source land first. And unfortunately despite what we have been told by the agent, the owner may not want to split up his land! Through my work i occasionally have dealings with a large cladding contract in council houses. They use a grey polystyrene product, they usually use 100mm then render on top but i am not sure i would need that with what is in the Kit already. Is there such a thing as too much insulation though? I have only had a couple of emails from scotframe, really about it, i liked what they offered in theory. I will learn more about the details and check things with them before proceeding. I also liked that they have a house design "off the shelf" which we liked and on paper could afford... However they don't erect so Vat payable (claimed back at the end) The kit we liked was Scotframe forth I would want the kit erected and then do everything else myself, we have just completed a large extension at home and did the same thing, so i know what i would be letting myself in for except on a much larger scale. There are another couple of things that people have commented on and i will comment myself later, but splitting childcare while we both work from home, so i am about to go and play with a Thomas the tank train set... Thanks
  3. Excellent, thanks, I’ll look them up Darren
  4. Hi all, I am in the very early planning stages, trying to get land sorted for a build. however doing as much of a detailed costing as I can in my mind. I’m looking at getting an @off the shelf” 5* kit from Scotframe. on a passive slab. Going to build to passive standards - not sure about going for the certification though. my question is, if I go single skin with rendered outside, the render has to finish above DPC, how do I finish below that? also, render carrying board is more expensive than 50mm foam and mesh. Is there any reason I shouldn’t do it that way? would the insulation need to be on batons or direct to kit paper? thanks
  5. Good evening all, can anyone recommend a SE who can design a passive slab and issue a SER in central Scotland. Just outside Edinburgh. im in the very early stages. Land deal not complete and possibly looking like it might not happen. I’m just trying to get coatings and recommendations at the moment. thanks Darren