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  1. Thanks Mark. Yes will leave off, just trying to help with anything I can without being a hindrance! Problem is actually getting some information from him as to when he’ll actually come back!
  2. Hi, I’m waiting for my sparky to come connect the garden office to the house, can I go ahead and fit the faceplates?
  3. As per the title, is there any reason why I could not use cavity slabs in a garden room flat roof? The roof is a cold roof, I have 125mm roof beams and am allowing 50mm under the deck for air so have 75mm for insulation and the cavity slabs are cheap and easily cut and fitted. I don't have the budget for PIR boards.
  4. Hi, im debating what insulation to use for my garden cabin build. My floor has 70mm PIR but i'm thinking about wool for the walls and ceiling. My roof is a cold roof so will adhere to the air gap above the wool etc, but can the walls be full filled with wool?
  5. Quick question, just starting digging ground for our cabin build, the ground is quite soft until hitting hard layer. My question is what would be recommended layers of cement and hardcore in such a situation? I'm planning on sitting the cabin on 12 7n bricks placed equal distances down sides and across cross-members, but i'm concerned that the hardcore/cement in the holes might spread over time meaning the bricks will 'sink'
  6. thanks guys. I'm with a metre so will keep the plan as is, 15sqm including of walls
  7. I think i read it right, but can anyone confirm the 15sqm permissible development is on INTERNAL floor space, not the exterior size?
  8. I believe that is correct yes, 15-30 and I also thought I heard/read that if the building faces facing the borders are of Class 0 cladding it will not require building regs?
  9. Hi Dan, I'm sat here starting to actually put the design into SketchUp, makes it feel a bit more real! I'm doing a build very similar to Aly 3m x 6.5m and used as an office/studio/garden room. I think it does require building regs but i plan to have a chat with the council about this at some point. My current quandary is what to use on the roof. I'm limited to 2.5m height so cant use a warm roof so its either cold roof or insulated roof panels. The latter is appealing as they dont require roof joists as they are self suspending but the risk of wind-suck (!) makes we weary.
  10. Its actually a reference to Acid House music, the TB-303 is famous for the Acid sound
  11. Hi all, I've joined because i'm about to start on a garden office build after watching Aly Dymock's videos on YouTube. I've got some questions so I'll be hitting the forums very soon! Mike :)