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  1. Does anyone have any experience of Alpha Innotec ASHP? (model LWD 50A/SX + HMD1 SE)? I've seen this on the spec from the heating engineer working on our house but have been unable to find out much about it, apart from some quite sparse documentation on Omnie's (the UK agent's) website. The house is 150sqm, designed to be carbon neutral, so well insulated with MVHR & UFH & 6kWp of PV (enough over full year to meet energy needs). Are there other small ASHPs that should be considered? Also, can anyone help me understand how an ASHP provides both low temperature output for the UFH and yet hot enough water for the DHW? I'm not doubting that it does, I just dont understand how it works despite studying the various plumbing diagrams on this forum. Plus what happens in the summer when in theory the ASHP could be cooling the "UFH" pipes yet heating the DHW? I'm feeling rather stupid despite my science degree (or is that because of...). I'll bet this has been well explained somewhere I haven't found yet. Thanks to all for a brilliant forum.
  2. Hi there, Can anyone point me in the direction of Jeremy's blog as I'm getting error messages from mayfly.eu. I read him a lot earlier in the year but now I need more details of his systems I can find him! Jeremy, if you are reading this, thanks for being such an inspiration!
  3. We are about to refurb & extend a house using a main contractor. It is currently empty, will be stripped, part demolished & extended. Our existing empty property insurance is about to run out. What insurance do we need until we move in? Excuse our ignorance.
  4. Thanks to all for your input. I'm grateful to SteamyTea for the terminological correction and the re-education; I had believed that the heat capacity of the original walls (GF only) and new highly insulated GF slab would act as a store and also a sink for when the 1st floor overheats (most of the solar gain is from the 1st floor SW glass). If the inertia of timber & cellulose are better, then they are more significant on the 1st floor, so good news? If we are putting in UFH in the GF, is there much incremental cost in adding in the 1st floor (probably bamboo flooring)? I've read many times on this forum that moving heat from areas with high solar gain is one of the main benefits. What would be the energy source for a post heater in the 1st floor MVHR? Joth, not Barnstaple but Appledore - close! The decision to replace the original suspended floor was made to meet EnerPHit performance I believe. I could have a whole different conversation about finding an architect for a "zero carbon" project... but we are very happy with our eventual choice. Regarding VAT, we have been advised that we qualify for reduced rate as the house will have been empty for years when the works eventually start. Could I repeat my question about heating controls? I can't picture how the running of the UFH pump, demand for heat or switch to cooling are all controlled and what constraints it puts on the choice of ASHP.
  5. Hello all, I've been finding your experiences and wealth of knowledge fantastic during the fantasy phase of our project - thank you - but now it is getting real I was hoping for some more specific guidance. We've bought a 1970s chalet/bungalow in north Devon and will be converting and extending it to provide a zero net energy home to retire to. It is on a NE sloping site and will have living spaces & main bedroom on the 1st floor (with 3 more on GF). Our architect has produced some great plans for about 165 sqm and the 1st pass of the PHPP says it will just about meet the EnerPHit standard. The calculations indicate that a couple of small radiators and a towel rail attached to an ASHP will be enough, but I have read enough on this forum to believe that UFH will be better. However I'm a little concerned whether our inverted arrangement affects this: with a concrete slab on the ground floor and the bulk of the thermal mass in the original GF walls, does this affect the logic of the heating plan? (The GF will not be much used unless the kids & grandkids are visiting). Also, how do you control the system to distribute heat/coolth around? Thanks in advance for any input.
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