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  1. Hi yes the porch is part of the original house, if the front elevation is 18ft and the porch is 3ft does that mean then that I have 10.5 ft to play with to build on the side ? the porch would be coming down in favour of a full depth side extension.
  2. Ah thanks Peter if the house was 18ft front elevation I could in theory build 9ft out on the side under PD the full depth of the bungalow
  3. Hi thanks for your reply peter I have but still a bit confused as the planning portal states “ 6. Side extensions to be single storey. Width of side extension must not have a width greater than half the width of the original house“ it’s confusing me as to how they define the width ? With the front door being on the side. does that mean I can only build half an extension on the side and not the full length of it
  4. Evening all, I’m hoping I can get some invaluable advice from some experts I’m looking into building an extension and a bit confused with PD and planning permissions. Could someone advice if I’m allowed to build an extension to the side of the property without planning permission I’m looking at extending 9ft out from the side to the full side of the house and removing the garage.
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