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  1. Yes we are open to that. I still don’t understand when they’ won’t allow a 6 metre extension when they say you can if you live in a semi? And they obviously allowed it multiple times down the road. Same style house as mine.
  2. Thanks for your advice. Yes it’s all documented on the online planning register. Our architect is dealing with it for us. If need be I will go smaller, but I won’t go 3 metres. Just doesn’t make sense when all my neighbours have big extensions and have properties like mine. The comment about my garden, I have 100ft garden, I can afford to lose some. That’s a terrible reason
  3. He denied this on the phone. They are all money grabbing liars. It’s a way to keep you applying and them collecting fees. A lot of our neighbours have them. The law says you have extend up to 6 metres if you are a semi, that means you have neighbours in close proximity.
  4. My neighbours have. 6 metre extensions, the guy who objected has 8 metres, and the law says you can extend up to 6 metres if you have a semi detached house. That’s a little bit unfair, no?
  5. He invited us to put same application again, if we manage to get the neighbour onboard and no further objections he’ll grant it. How contradictory is that?!
  6. Yes and a long conversation with my husband insisting objection is enough. His reasons didn’t even match what the neighbour that complained was complaining of. I’m baffled!
  7. Yes but he is saying a neighbour objecting is enough, the reasons are irrelevant. I think I need to get a planning lawyer.
  8. Last night I thought What of I appeal this decision before going to full planning? I have time, and gives me time to save up for my Reno. Take the angle that the case officer didn’t analyse the case properly. A lot of contradictory reasons were given.