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  1. The architect applied for prior approval apparently we need that in our area, so confused 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. This is so helpful thank you.
  3. Yes exactly this is why I don’t understand why we have been rejected. They said this doesn’t apply to us because it will block his light, 45 degree rule. I’m so confused
  4. Im not prepared to pay for a planning lawyer, I think my neighbour is just being difficult.
  5. Thank you. As long as whatever I do is lawful and subject to planning laws I couldn’t care less what he thinks. I like to think that I am a considerate neighbour and wouldn’t do anything that I wouldn’t like done to me. At the end of the day, what I will build will be subject to strict building regulations that will be checked and everything will be done in accordance with the law. If he doesn’t like it, he can always Go and buy a nice detached house somewhere.
  6. Thank you so much this is so helpful, can’t thank you enough. I just feel that we are going into this blind and your posts have really helped me understand the way it works. Thank you.
  7. 😂 now I believe people when they were saying what hassle it will all be. Funny this is, my neighbours wife said to my husband that they would also like to build an extension in the future. 😂
  8. Very true, I really don’t know what his problem is, he is intelligent enough to know that someone would have to apply for planning permission to create a roof terrace. I am thinking maybe he just doesn’t want to just come out and say I just don’t want you to have it. My husband has been very patient and honest with him, I’m worried his patience will run out.
  9. Thanks Timsk very helpful reply, thank you, I think the condition added would be very welcome for both of us and we were hoping that we would be granted the planning with this condition but they simply rejected it. How can we go about asking them to consider applying this condition? I feel our architect is useless! also I have researched and the new larger extension scheme which has now been made permanent allows you To extend up to 6 metres without permission in a semi. So why have we been refused? This is all so confusing. thank you
  10. Thanks I will, I’m not happy with our architect. He’s not giving us too many options and he seems to think if we get the neighbour onboard we’ll get the planning. Had enough already, great start.
  11. That’s actually a very good idea about the pitched roof, I actually like designs Ive seen. Well what happened was he told the council why he objected, mainly the roof. They then looked into it and decided the extension may block their light, and that the extension is too big. Our garden is 100ft. So I don’t agree that it’s too big. He assured us that he didn’t give this reason at all. when we went to see him about resubmitting and asking him if he would object and we’ll make sure his needs are met he said he wants something set in stone like a covenant on our deeds, in case someone else buys the house and decides to put a terrace. I don’t have a crystal ball. why would I go through all this aggravation and expense and saving for 10 yrs to sell my home? it’s very hard not to take it personally.
  12. Hi im in the same boat as you. We sadly got refused our planning at the first hurdle as our neighbour objected. Our plan is to get a construction company to do the building work. We will use an electrician and a plumber separately. I can’t even bear the thought of the cost, but I think a construction company will charge more from start to finish. I have done this before, and the key is you must must shop around, even though it’s time consuming. We are on a very tight budget too. Good luck
  13. Hi I’m new here. I need some planning advice please. Hoping someone who has been through this can help. We have finally decided after 10 years to take the plunge and extend our 3 bedroom semi as we can’t afford to move. I have a large family and we need the space. We drew up plans for a 6 metre x 3.7 m rear extension and showed it to our neighbour before submitting the plans. He said he would not object but that we had to promise that a balcony/terrace would never go on top of the extension and that all drainage, water issues will be done properly. We were happy with this and submitted it under the new neighbour consultation scheme assuring him that we would do these things. We were refused by Enfield council and told that it was because our neighbour objected. He obviously changed his mind. We went to see him again and told him that we would like to resubmit and could we discuss it and come to a happy medium. He basically said I’ll agree to your extension if you add a restrictive covenant to your property to say that anyone buying the house in the future can not use the roof as a terrace (which will never be our intention) and you have to apply for planning anyway. My husband and I were shocked as who knows what will happen in the future. I just feel that this is a bit drastic. I have no idea where to go from here, I really don’t want to mess with my house register. has anyone experienced this before? Architect thinks if he objects again we will be refused. Our garden is 100ft so it’s not a small plot and the scene allows up to 6 metres. also a few doors down neighbours were granted permission for this dimension as neither of their neighbours objected. Any advice will be welcome. thank you