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  1. Morning guys seems like finally I got something from bpc & cvc. Not sure of design or material from both as pricing wise CVC is nearly double, is there a need to upgrade cooling units also is it worth going premium kit? I have read a lot about rigid duct rather than flexi, as well as noise issues, is this kit and unit from bpc really best option? I would very much appreciate your input. Regards Agnius BPC20-14091 .pdf
  2. Thanks guys, I know it’s a bit of journey and for myself a steep hill to climb as trying to tackle other details in the house??‍♂️ Jeremy I really appreciate your advise and I have read a lot of your in depth knowledge that helps guys over here, wondering if you would be able to guide me right direction in terms of design or do you think it’s better to get this designed with one of the firms and supply some parts myself? I would appreciate if I could upload pdf to have a look at plans and give me some directions thanks guys!
  3. Hi to everyone, I have been reading a lot of threads over here there seems to be many people with knowledge / in depth experience about MVHR systems, so I do hope you can point me right direction as I have decided that would be great addition to our house which is being stripped bare and renovated throughout that would be about right time to start installing ducting etc prior plasterboards getting installed.. A bit about property it is 1935 semi that is being refurbished, only one front wall will be exposed from original house ( will be insulated and rendered) other walls are new built double block skin with 100mm cavity. Windows all triple glazing, except Bifold doors that will be double. In built garage, cold hipped roof with attic space for storage. House is 150m2 ceilings in ground floor 2600mm around 80m2 and first floor 2400mm 70m2. I am hands on person and doing a lot of work myself, so would be capable to install myself. What I believe this needs to be properly designed taking into account various factors, for this system to operate correctly. What would be best place or person to properly design this, also advise on quality materials, as I don’t want to overpay for some fat cat companies giving me crappy unit and overpriced installation costs.. I would really appreciate your advise. Many thanks Agnius!
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