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  1. Fantastic advice everyone - thank you so much! Really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks Nod, they look fine, I'm just worried about how sound they are given that they're very damp and maybe infested. How to dry them out and how long would that take???
  3. Thank you Ferdinand. What about drying them out? Will that take a long time? They're pretty damp now.
  4. Hi. I've had some old oak beams out in the garden for the best part of a year while my house was being renovated. I'd like to bring some of them inside to use in consttructing a bookcase. Obviously they've been exposed to a lot of rain, bugs etc. Is it going to be possible to use them and if so how should I prep them and how long before I could actually use them? Haven't a clue! Thanks for any advice.
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