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  1. You hiding out Peter? 😂
  2. So I'm not waiting for the mix to go off hard and solid like a water added mix? Alot of articles on the Internet suggest sticking the backer boards down with flexible tile adhesive though. Cheers
  3. So put this polythene dpc on top of the layed sand cement dry mix even though the backer boards are then going on top and can be a DPM? Tah
  4. Hi Peter, I'm back again! Haha Last question I hope. How long would you wait until putting the tile backer boards on top of the dry mix? 24hours? Thanks for both yourself and Nickfromwales assistance on this.
  5. Do you mean not running the UFH under where the desk will go? I only thought about doing this as the instructions online seem to say not to put UFH where units or freezers and the like are.
  6. Nick and Peter how do these marmox boards perform if after you have put your floor you then want to put a weighty item on the floor surface like a wood desk etc. I only ask as I'm now thinking of using the sand and cement dry method first then after it's set putting the 10mm marmox boards down. Foil elec UFH (not where the desk will go) then laminate straight on top. That sounds like the backing board will be taking all the weight. Cheers.
  7. It's 4.5mtrs x 2.4mtrs Worst area is 40mm so cubic meterage is 0.432 m3 but I was thinking you would half this as the space to fill is like a triangle going from 0 (level) down to 40mm. Thx
  8. Great that's good to know for the future. I'm sort of stuck as to how to calculate how many bags of sand and cement I will need. Do you know the calculation? I get the cubic meters part but is there an online calculator to tell you how much of each total you need? Cheers
  9. It's not going to be a regular live in house. Just something that will have the comfort of the house and if you felt like it could spend the entire night in there and sleep in the warm and dry. It's totally detached from the house about 8mtrs away.
  10. Hi Peter. How do work out how many you would need? I can work out the cubic meters where I'm guessing you half the 40mm depth as it is essentially a triangle (to level the angled floor). But after that do you use a paving or patio calculator online? Thx
  11. Dry sharp sand and cement ratio mix put down dry then tile backer boards then the underfloor heater. Then self level compound 6-10mm on top of that. Then can either tile or lay laminate?
  12. By dry sharp sand and cement mix to level it beneath the backer boards do you mean with no water at all? Thx
  13. Thanks for the response. Tile insulation backer boards to level the floor instead of Grano? Tah
  14. Hi Peter, I did see those thick mats you can put down before the heater mats but haven't fully thought that bit through yet to be honest. Bit lost as only really laid concrete before not levelling a previously laid floor. Thx
  15. First I've heard of Grano. Do you reckon it will be OK where it thins out across the other side of the floor? Do you just mix it with water? Thanks for that.