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  1. Thanks, how does Norstone compare on price and quality to other manufacturers?
  2. Hi Does anyone have any experience/recommendations for stone cladding panels such as z clad, z stone, tier etc. Looking to use on bottom edge below render and on front aspect of living room. TIA
  3. Should have said the 'scratch render'
  4. Thanks folks, does anybody have any experience with Johnstones 'Stormshield'?
  5. Many thanks, any issues with cem render cracking on a timber frame new build?
  6. Not sure, Runcie do monocrouche and acrylic which I am assuming are similar to a k rend product. I haven't written off the idea of a cement render but a little concerned re cracking.
  7. Folks Hopefully will be starting my first self build in Dumfriesshire sometime soon.....? 1.5 storey @195m2 and double garage. Looking for some advice re render. Initially thought about a painted cement render, however having just seen a house with an acrylic render supplied by Runcie, Dumfries I am looking for pros and cons of both please. Many thanks