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  1. Thanks for all your help, Im trying to visualise this , so you blocked the existing air-brick and added one higher up ? then used these to lower where the air comes in to the same place it was originally under the floorboards ? thanks
  2. Thanks for your replies, Ill try to lower the ground level, should I pump out the existing water ? or just keep an eye on it to see if it goes away eventually ?
  3. I had a survey on an older property (80 yrs) I bought in 2014, there was no mention of dpc, even though one is not visible and it appears that the exterior paving level has been built higher than it should have been. We have had constant damp issues and there is actually standing water under the floorboards. I dont know if any rot has been caused by this but would guess it has. (I also purchased another property the year after and it appears there are not enough air bricks and some are blocked by cavity wall insulation, that also has damp joists) Do I have any comeback on the surveyor or their insurance ?
  4. Hi, I have a crack in the brickwork of an old (80 yrs ?) house.Its maybe 10mm wide in places, mainly mortar is cracked and an odd brick. The bricks are engineering bricks I think. Had a structural engineer who said its historic. Whats the best mortar to repair it with please ? Ive been looking at something called hybrid resin mortar that looks very strong, would that be suitable ? Thanks
  5. Is it viable to build a bedsit over a single garage to rent out ? Does anyone have experience of this or an idea of cost please ? Thanks
  6. hi, I think maybe 1930s, ground floor, do they have vents for upper floors ?
  7. Thanks, but it does have some movement
  8. Hi, I have some damp joists at the front of the house, I think the vents have been blocked by cavity wall insulation. It was done prior to me buying it, I wondered if theres a record of who did it and whether I would have any comeback ? Also is there a way of clearing them from the outside, (they have very thin gaps) or would I need to get under the floor ? (the house is tenanted and I would rather stay out due to the virus) thanks
  9. Hi, the mortar in my house ( maybe 1930s ?) has large chunks of something like stone, or coal ? in it, is this a problem ?
  10. Hi, I noticed the mortar holding my very heavy looking bay window is very soft. is it ok to scrape part out at a time so its still supported by some, and is there special mortar I should use ? thanks