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  1. We've just moved into a 4 bed house with septic tank which we're required to replace with a sewage treatment plant that meets the regulations that now apply in 2020. We're upstream from a drinking water reservoir too. And the borehole for OUR drinking water is less than 50m away. The costs of STP purchase & installation will be covered by a retention in the sale price, since the vendor hadn't sorted this out before sale. I was tempted by the idea of a system requiring no electricity; the very expensive ClearFox system (£4650+VAT for the size we'd need) sounds excellent from their website (perhaps too good to be true...) - has anyone got any experience of this system? I've had some very, very helpful feedback from Stones https://forum.buildhub.org.uk/profile/7-stones/ about his experience with the BioRock system, which didn't perform as well as he'd hoped, so I'm put off that, hence looking at this top end power-free system. Helps that if we can convince the vendor's solicitor that this is reasonable then it is within the retention level so shouldn't cost us anything. Stones is pleased with the couple of years of experience he's had from the Bio-Pure system, and I've spent a bit of time looking at this online. It seems to have a low electricity consumption, and sounds well-designed so I'm tempted by this (Bio-Pure 2 - £2,940+VAT) if we go down the powered route. Has anyone had good or bad experiences with this? I'd really appreciate some feedback. Thanks, Julian