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  1. That's great - I don't actually think there is any water in yet - they have run an air test.
  2. @ProDave they have plastic up at them - so I guess that this will do what you say?
  3. Hi All Just reaching out for advice on something that has happened our on build. In short we have had the underfloor heating installed and screed laid before the windows have been installed. Should we be concerned about this as the winter is now approaching and its not likely that we'll have windows in before Christmas? Will the screed or underfloor be damaged by the cold weather? Thanks!
  4. Hi Can anyone give any opinions on whether spotlights work on a vaulted ceilings seeing as they are at an angle? We are being steered away from them as they make the air test difficult. One suggestion is that we have the top part of the vault flat so we can run spotlights down the middle but I wasn't sure this would work from a lighting perspective and would look a bit like a runway?
  5. @epsilonGreedy It's a timber frame and the roof is felt and batoned, half tiled, which can't be finished until the chimneys have been built.
  6. Not really, I think they simply didn't order the bricks, probably used the money to fund something else? Apparently the screed etc are turning up next week, but that is because we are now querying everything whereas before we were trusting and paying up. You live and learn.....
  7. Groundsmen telling us they were not getting paid, pallets of materials just turning up one at a time not in bulk so in the end we just asked the question outright and got the answer we were expecting 😞 We paid for bricks and deposits for screed and underfloor heating.
  8. We could definitely look at this option, the issue we have is time at the moment what with both myself and my husband working full time, the whole point of having one company oversee the whole build was supposed to be less stress!!
  9. Thanks - quite a few have mentioned credit card payments so I'll definitely look into that.
  10. It's good to get this from another perspective. As we understand it our invoice payments are allowing the next lot of work to continue. But I then wonder why should we have the extra pressure on top of everything else about keeping his business afloat - as selfish at that sounds. There have been constant delays, no one on site etc etc. We just want our home to be built. I have got to the point that I am worried that if we continue to pay for things up front and deposits they will declare bankruptcy and then we'll be in real trouble.
  11. Thanks PeterW The builder said we could pay for them direct but would rather we didn't. He is affiliated to the window company in some way as it's another part of the business. The trust is gone on my part so I don't want to give anyone any money at this point LOL! I was completely aware of the stresses of a build but wasn't anticipating this as well.
  12. Hi All I wasn't sure where to post this topic so just went for this thread in the hope that someone could advise. We started our build back in January, obvious delays due to covid so have been putting the speed of the build which is soul destroyingly slow down to that. Without going into too much detail we have encountered delay after delay with everything, we have recently found out that the builder has cashflow issues - we paid for materials back in May that have still not arrived on site and we have paid for deposits of materials etc that again have not materialised. Groundsmen were telling us that they hadn't been paid etc etc. We have now held back paying this months invoice to avoid 'being out of pocket' until we see what we have paid for or have confirmation that they have been ordered. My gut feel is to stop working with them but my husband is reluctant to do so as he doesn't want to have to find another builder and have more delays. The next step is to order windows and we have been told that they won't order them until we pay a deposit, again I do not want to part with another penny until they are installed (these windows should have been ordered weeks ago but again they have been delaying on this point). What is the normal practise of paying deposits? Thanks for any advice.
  13. Thanks - its a static, I will pass all of this onto my husband!
  14. Thank-you will give that a watch!
  15. Its a 3 bed but after looking online, I'm not sure that it is set up properly, the wheel is still on the ground and I don't think it should be. The whole van moves when anyone turns in bed or walks around - LOL