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  1. hi peterw used it briefly at the weber training school but not on site like most of the floor products its reliable and does exactly what it says on the bag you must however observe the mixing conditions ie if it says mix for a specific time and add a specified amount of water you will not have any problems
  2. gypsum based screed is good till you get a flood or leaking pipe and then its mush!
  3. scottish john downstairs is block and beam 250 mm insulation upstairs is concrete slab with 70 mm insulation both floors have 16 mm ufh pipes total of 30 mm screed and both floors are tiled
  4. hi russell griffiths the weber 4310 is fibre reinforced and in my view the best pumpable screed on the market the thinner it is the quicker it drys check it out on the weber website !
  5. hi anonymous bosch I've just ordered 6 pallets of weber 4310 a flow screed i will pump this over my ufh pipes to a total depth of 30 mm including pipes it will be as flat as glass with the added bonus you can walk on it after 2 hrs
  6. hi guys I'm building my own house in norfolk its a solid wall constuction with ground floor block and beam and first floor with 215 mm hollow core concrete slabs externally 200 mm insulation with a thin coat render system . my background is ive been a bricklayer for over 40 years and also specialised in machine rendering/plastering and also pumped floor screeds hopefully I can be of help on this forum !!