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  1. Thanks for your reply. The heating is from a thermal store heated via an oil fired boiler controlled by the thermal store temp so the room thermostat does control the boiler directly. The issue is trying to control the circulation pump directly. Icheers again
  2. Morning I have an anex to my house. It's a single room with a radiator. The radiator is part of the same circuit as the main house. The circuit is on a timer that controls a pump so couple of times a day it switches on. This works fine but I am going to be using the anex more and want to fit a room senor that will control the pump based on the temp in that room. Ideally a wireless sensor feeding into the current controller. Is this possible to do and if so any suggestions of a make. I will get a sparky to fit but would like an understanding of it if possible Cheers
  3. Morning . does anyone on here know where you can hire a concrete pump - towable as opposed to truck mounted . in Dundee -Aberdeen area .cheers
  4. how much did you end up paying if you don't mind me asking .
  5. Morning All . anyone on here used I beams /jji joists recently . i am looking to find a price comparison between the various suppliers . cheers
  6. thanks IanR . the details look great . did you go with a warm or cold roof do you mind me asking what the cost per square meter was for the finished roof without the sky lights cheers p
  7. Evening All . looking into getting a standing seam roof anyone got experience of standing seam roofing and skylight /roof light installation into them . seen a few you tube videos but not had any hands on experience with them . any comments appreciated regards p
  8. hello all . getting ready to start the process of extending our wee cottage . the plans got submitted and now its a wait to see if any issues come from that .still looking into the various challenges.Been along time since I have had any dealing with the building trades .Hope to do a lot of the work myself
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