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  1. Hi, I lifted a cracked tile in my porch , there is rotten wood behind where the stone step is. I noticed gaps round the stone step outside, could this be the cause ? I couldnt feel any draught under the wooden floor for ventilation, but there are airbricks a few feet away round the corner on the next wall
  2. Thanks so it would be pulling damp from the outer wall rather from the outdoors?
  3. Maybe, but the worst condensation is round them
  4. Hi , yes it’s suspended timber floors, the house is pretty much on the flat, the vents are above floor level vents continue into house. Yes this one looks newer, would it be safe to say I don’t need them if neighbours properties don’t have them as original? Thanks
  5. Hi I have a few airbricks above damp course, this ones about 2 ft above ground level. I think they are causing a cold point and condensation. not sure if they are needed , I don’t have gas heating or any gas appliances. maybe they are venting the cavity though ? (not sure if its cavity walls though ?) Thanks
  6. Thanks for that , I’ll try a salvage yard.
  7. Hi, I need to replace one of these pieces, mainly the piece which is in the middle above the fancy bit ? Any advice where to get it from would be helpful too. Thanks
  8. Thanks for that I’ll monitor it, would Lime mortar be normally used on houses just after 1900 ? would it be better to rake it out and redo in lime mortar , or just point it ? could have happened during the war I suppose ?
  9. Thanks I thought that when I bought it , but the house on the other end of the terrace is done the same. ive had maybe 6 years
  10. I’ve got this but I’ll take a better one later