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  1. Ok great thank you. I am sure the builder said to use 4x1 which just seams overkill to me but wanted to make sure.
  2. The centres aren't even. The house is ex-council built in the 50s so the standard isnt great. What size would you recommend?
  3. The job I have been putting off! Dropped all the old lath ceilings in our house reno last year. Nows the time to think about putting them back up. Problem is the floor and ceiling joists are all over the place. A builder recomended battening the ceiling perpendicular to the joists and packing them out to get them level but I am not sure what size of batten to use and if rough sawn would be acceptable. Would be looking at 12.5mm plasterboard at a minimum. Any advice much appreciated.
  4. Perfect thank you. I will check it out
  5. Wanting to design UFH for an ASHP system. Would anyone know of a program I can load architects PDF design into to sketch and accurately measure UFH loops in? Cheers.
  6. I have looked at those yes but i think quite expensive also the skirting was metal if i remember and i just didn't like the sound of what is essentially hollow trunking around every room.
  7. Looking at feasibility for spreader plates fixed to the underneath of 22mm floor boards in upstairs bedrooms and bathroom (tiles and laminate to go above). ASHP as heating supply. 100mm PIR under the spreader plates held in with batten. Wondered if anyone had done a similar thing and what their experience was like?
  8. 😂 Im sure my father in law who is helping me would love to do it. In all honesty we dont have the time or budget to dig up the whole down stairs. Also as these wont be living areas I think it would be over kill for our ex council house. One existing concrete floor does need to come up because I believe it has suffered from sulphate attack. Also the DPM which was bitumen poured on top has been breached and the floor is seriously bad. From what I can see the solid floors in the unshaded areas are all good. If people think UFH is not an option in these areas I will us rads and hide the pipework in the new stud walls.
  9. Sorry for the crude drawing. The areas shaded in green will have insulation to Current building regs and UFH. The area in question is the hall which from what I can tell is an uninsulated slab.
  10. Ok thanks all. Would a radiator in the space be more advisable then?
  11. Sorry I don't want to raise the floor as it have to follow that through all around the down stairs
  12. Ive seen the Wunda system but ideally id like to not raise the floor.
  13. So it would only be in a narrow hall space. The living spaces will be part of an extension and have insulation underneath.
  14. Looking to retrofit UFH into a concrete floor in our hallway. After talking to my heating engineer he mentioned a company which can mill the tracks info the floor. I looked to hire the machinery myself but few companies in the country rent the gear and none in the north west. I wondered if I could use a wall chaser to do a simple 17mm channel in a simple grid and then use a hand chisel to round the edges off for the turns?