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  1. Thanks again for this helpful info. We have not signed the contract but noted a clause for us to pay for CAR inserted into the contract and were surprised as it had never been mentioned previously during our meetings and emails. I therefore wanted to check if this was standard as I would have expected the contractor to cover all risks to their work.
  2. Thanks for this reply. Other than the foundation which we are arranging separately, the builder is doing everything themselves including arranging any other trades needed as their full turnkey service. Therefore they will have control of the site and essentially do everything until the handover. Would it therefore be on the building to pay for contractors all risk insurance?
  3. Hi Can anyone advise who is responsible for provision/cost of Contractors All Risks insurance normally. We are using a building company who provide a full turnkey service and they have detailed in the contract that we are required to take out Contractor's All Risks insurance in joint names of us and the builder to cover any loss or damage to the building works and Goods and Services from any cause whatever for the full replacement cost. I would have thought the builder would be responsible for such an insurance give the turnkey service. Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks
  4. Dear All, apologies for very late reply but wanted to say thanks to all contributors for the very helpful thoughts. Again, perhaps inexperience on my part but had assumed a builder offering a full turn key service would have arranged welfare facilities for they workers as well. The static caravan seems the best solution as it offers welfare and storage as well. Thanks so much. Martin
  5. Hi All thanks for the helpful replies and apologies for the delayed reply. Unfortunately as you there is a lack of trees on Harris so I better get planting now. Your feedback is all really useful and was not sure if the builders were trying to get out of something they should provide or if this was standard for a self build. Being on Harris aids complexity to some of these logistics so guess they know that and figure we have better contacts than they do. Thanks again Martin
  6. Hi ProDave and Jack, Many thanks for the prompt response. The site is not developed yet but will have been by the time the builders arrive as we are getting that done separately. Not sure how easy it would be to connect a portaloo to a septic tank as that is what we will be using but a good point to consider. The building company is providing a full turnkey service and one of their selling points is that they offer a fixed price for the build hence my query why I should have to pay for the Portaloo, skips and storage. Is it standard to provide such things and perhaps I am being naïve in this regard. Cheers Martin
  7. mbon75

    Hello - New to Forum

    Hi Thanks for the reply - we will be building on Isle of Harris and then moving up from Glasgow area. Hoping to start next year as have missed the weather window this year.
  8. Hi All I am planning a build in Western Isles and we have met with the company that would build our house. They provide a team of builders but have said that I need to provide a storage unit for their tools and materials, q portaloo and also the skips. Is this normal as I would have though such provisions would be the responsibility of the builders and with regulations on what can be put in a skip I would be liable for any penalities in this regard yet have no control. Also with the portaloo I then have to arrange for emptying etc. Any advice on this matter would be appreciated as it was only mentioned during our first F2F meeting and not any of the previous correspondence before. Many thanks Martin
  9. mbon75

    Hello - New to Forum

    Hi All I have just joined this forum. I am planning a build in the Western Isles in Scotland and looking forward to sharing some ideas and getting feedback from folk on the build process in general. Many thanks Martin