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  1. Thanks everyone for your input! It was done by someone we hired not through a kitchen company. I totally understand now that we should have got a less obvious pattern, as it's our first kitchen I hadn't thought of that and it seems blindingly obvious now in hindsight. Ah! I'm going to remove the photo as I'm a bit worried about our builder seeing this - but thank you for putting my mind at rest. I think we are going to live with it for now and save up for a new worktop in the future.
  2. Hello! I've just had some marble effect solid laminate worktops installed in our kitchen. I'm worried that the joints the fitter has done are really obvious and as this is our first house and first project, I wanted to seek some advice on anything we can do to fix them. Our kitchen is L-shaped and there are 2 joints - one to connect the two worktops at the top corner and one to extend the 3m worktop to 3.5m as we couldn't get the length we needed from the worktop provider (in hindsight, I wish I had shopped around and bought a 4m worktop length). Neither joint is discreet but the joint connecting the extension piece to the longer side is especially obvious. The joint is a dark line that stands out and I was expecting it to be colour matched to the white background of the marble pattern. I'm also worried that they have sanded away the adhesive and taken off the top of the worktop surface as there is a much brighter white area on either side of both joints. At this point, we have been without a kitchen for weeks so I would rather not replace the worktops even if this is a poor installation job.