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  1. That's what I would do personally. I know some will think that's unnecessary, but...
  2. I'm not particularly a network cable expert, but I'd be worried about that. Especially if the cables are being installed where they can't easily be replaced. I tend not to dispense cables from their boxes for this reason.
  3. Here's a revelation for anyone that has flue issues. When we fitted our Wood Burner, we could only achieve a flue length of just over 3 metres, which is woefully short. We battled for years with it being incredibly difficult to light and would frequently smoke the room out. Then we bought one of these cowls, which totally transformed it. I know it looks a bit funky and weird, but it's worth every penny. It works like a dream, spinning on a nice little bearing, tracking the wind and drawing air through it's ingenious design. Ours is now matt black so as not to draw attention to it, also the reflective chrome coating was playing havoc with the neighbours when it was sunny. This is where we got ours...
  4. Come on, you must have something to add? I've got more, but thought I ought to let others have a go. 🤣
  5. I don't think you're wrong. I do think that's what he's hoping for. 👍 A complete solution would be better in my opinion though.
  6. I'm sure we'll all proud of what we've achieved in the building/renovation of our homes, but as DIY'ers I'm sure there are some tales to tell about moments that have made you nip up your butt cheeks. The ones that you look back on fondly and help you to re-appraise your own limits. I'll start. My best friend is an accredited Solar PV installer, we had our system fitted in August 2011. 3 months later we decided to build an extension that resulted in the panels needing to be repositioned. He's a busy guy, so I did the donkey work. I removed the panels to store them, then once they were ready to go back on, I did the physical re-fit. Everything went well and I took it as far as I could for him to come round, make the final connections and check off my work. I was in the loft, bundling the wires together. Neglecting that PV panels have no 'off' switch, I managed to receive a substantial shock. I won't lie, it hurt, in fact it brought tears to my eyes, but more due to the thought of what could have happened. Luckily it was 4pm, so the intensity had gone out of the sun and the panels were not producing anywhere near their peak. Had they have been up to speed, I imagine my Wife, who was out at the time, would have found me, chargrilled. The thought terrifies me. Who's next?
  7. I'm a Google Nest fan. It's a flawless piece of kit and plays superbly well with Android. I only use mine for Heating, but I understand it'll handle the Hot Water side too. I also don't use it to the limit of it's capability, but to be able to turn the heating on from my phone, or off when we're on holiday and forget to turn it off is a revelation. I know they're not the cheapest, but honestly, when we finally do our build, we'll certainly be fitting another.
  8. Thanks for your reply. What sort of thing would be expected in a covenant?
  9. Gawd, we thought this bit would be straight-forward. So, in essence, here's what we're doing. The 'simple' version... (I'll cover the not-so-simple version afterwards) My Uncle has inherited the property that his late Mother (my Grandmother) lived in. He wants to split away a plot, which I want to buy. Fairly soon, we'll have a Topographical Survey, showing a mutually agreeable division, resulting in a set of land-registry compliant plans, sale price agreed and all amicable. It's essentially a cash purchase from our side. I assume it's not as simple as it sounds though, do we need a solicitor to provide a conveyancing service?
  10. Further to this, I've noticed that some refer to the flow sensor as the small 'impellor' shown above, some as the whole brass affair. Is the impellor part of the larger brass assembly? I'm guessing the impellor itself has no electrics in it, logic would tell me that it either works or it doesn't?
  11. Nick, Thanks for this, all very helpful. I've done a bit of work on the boiler anyway, so am *fairly* confident. I've had the DHW Heat Exchanger out a couple of times (once to clean it and once to replace it), I'll take a look at this over the weekend. 👍
  12. Hi, and welcome. We're also learning about visibility splays. Not sure if my recent post will help you? I've not reached a satisfactory conclusion to it yet though. Good luck with yours.
  13. We've got a 15 year old Vaillant Turbomax 837 boiler, it's a hefty beast and has been pretty reliable. It's recently developed an intermittent fault. I'd say 1 in 10 times, possibly less, it doesn't fire on demand for hot water. There are no obvious errors and often shutting the tap off, waiting a couple of minutes and then going again will get it going. I've not noticed an issue on the heating side, although I realise that'd be less obvious. Any ideas where I could start looking?
  14. No, I have a lead flashing with a lead upstand. you're expected to use a secondary storm collar. I can't recall why the rubber all-in-one flashings weren't an option for me though? No pic of mine, but I'll try and get one over the weekend. Hopping on the roof is tricky at the moment as I'm 6 days post surgery. 🤣