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  1. Yes just investigating Just some history The house was built in the 30s Iv lived in the house for 28 years the garden on the front was grass which I dug up and graveled 15 years ago to park on never any trees next door was grass until the drive was done 2 years so the only thing that has change is next doors drive Thats why I dont want the insurance involved iv look at the other bays up the road non have dropped and a lot of them dont have gutters
  2. The brick work on the front bay has dropped next door had there drive /garden done and had this drain fitted which as far as I can see goes no were just ends at the boundary no soak away etc. Iv looked back on google images and the bay was ok 2011 So who do I get round to look at this I would rather not get my house insurance involved as it will just jack the premium up next year and I dont think this is my fault