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  1. Thank you, TheMitchells. That sounds like good advice.
  2. Thank you, Ferdinand. I'll have a read of that topic.
  3. ProDave, thanks for your advice. Viewing the neighbour's extension would be ideal, but unfortunately I don't think that will be possible. If that changes I'll definitely follow your advice. Ferdinand, can you point me to an example 'statement of requirements'? After we have finished this what should be our next steps? Are we looking for an architect first and then a builder? And how should we go about deciding who to use? Many thanks
  4. We live in a small, two bed semi-detached bungalow in the south west of England. We need more space and if possible we'd like to stay where we are. We are on a hill, our land slopes gently from one side of our property to the other and from front to rear more steeply. There is a small garage at the side of the property, a good sized rear garden and a loft. I'd like to explore options for an extension/loft conversion and get some estimates so that we can compare with the local market and be sure what we're proposing to do makes financial sense. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to do any of the work ourselves and we have a two month old baby. I have never had any significant building work done to a property. What should be my next step? Should I find a builder to discuss options, or would I be better going to an architect, or someone else? Coincidentally, a neighbour with a nearly identical property has recently extended. I have the name of their architect.
  5. Hi everyone, we live in a small two bed semi-detached bugalow and need some more space. We need to decide whether to move or extend. Here to find out where to begin pricing up our options.