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  1. Thanks for the other guys replies. @Gus Potter thanks. There is only 1 window in the front I will post a bit more of the plan. A couple of questions. I take it you would coach bolt the 3 timbers together maybe at 400 centres staggered? Also how would you fix these to the 150 vertical wall studs. Would you drive a long screw down through the 150 high timbers into the wall studs or metal strap them. I guess we cannot use the nail gun to gun in at an angle. Also how would you tie the front aspect timber wall into these side walls? as we cant use the plate overlap method? Once again thanks for your guys replies. Thanks
  2. Hi there, I'm not sure if this is posted in the correct section or if I need to post it in the timber frame section. My question regards the 3 no 150 x 50 timbers which seem to be vertical in the drawing at the top of the walls. This is a first floor timber frame extension on top of an existing brick and block wall. Reason for timber frame is the cavity is only 50mm. So has to be done this way for U value. Is it normal for the timbers this way Vertically as I have normally on all the programs and books is Horizontal and the timbers overlapped at the corners. The wall studs are 400 centres as well. Thanks