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  1. I agree it's not solely on price, but affordability and value for money are important considerations. For example one timber frame company quoted £90k for supply and erect, and another quoted £150k. He can't tell if the second company is just that much better or if they are pushing their luck, hence trying to get to a common denominator. £/sq. m. will help with that then he can bring in other factors just as quality, locality, reputation, gut feel etc
  2. Cheque should be there any moment, assuming the postie can find you.
  3. Gents, thanks that's useful. I had thought it was complex enough just comparing the base quotes and hadn't thought yet about factoring in the U values. Square metre cost would bring everything back to a common value, again, very useful, thank you.
  4. Morning all, I'm looking for a bit of guidance on ways to compare the quotes associated with a new build. For background this isn't my proposed extension, it's a friend at work who will demolish a bungalow and replace with a one and a half storey house with detached garage. At the moment he hasn't chosen a build system, so he's gone out for quotes based on his plans to a few ICF suppliers along with a few timber frame suppliers, possibly other also. The quotes as they come back seem almost deliberately difficult to compare. For example the Durisol quote is about 4 lines long, while one of the timber frame is 35 pages of supply only and 37 for putting it all up. I know estimators online could be used for a base case quote for comparison, but as far as I can see its for a single build system at a time. So, does anyone have any tips for a cost comparison across build types? Even decanting into a spreadsheet is difficult as the quotes aren't itemised. And has anyone used the build cost clinic at the BuildIt shows? I think they use HBXL. Euan