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  1. Excellent idea with the vaccum bags. Will have to invest in some of those.
  2. I'm on the North East of Scotland - weather probably not quite as bad as yours but its pretty exposed here and weather tends to get pretty wild. I think double glazing is going to be a must. I have heard that putting a skirt around the bottom of the caravan helps significantly.
  3. Ok sounds like I need to be on site. I definitely want to avoid having to pay for them to re-do things to my liking.
  4. Many thanks Bitpipe. Great info. The laundry facilities are a worry as our site is undeveloped woodland in the middle of nowhere so no buildings to put the machine in and closest laundrette a 40 minute drive away. If you could have got cheap rent nearby (in the region of £500 per month) would you have done this or do you think being on site is more important?
  5. This sounds truly grim. Did your van have double glazing or are they all cold and damp?
  6. Anyone fitted a wood burning stove in their caravan? Is it an easy job?
  7. I too like my home comforts and it is the one part of the whole build process that I am dreading. We are in the fortunate position of not having to do it with kids though.
  8. As project manager for the build then I guess I could call myself a site worker then?
  9. Smart move. I would have to live in mine though so don't fancy doing that without the electricity. I had no idea they sent people round to snoop around caravans!
  10. I don't relish the thought of wintering in a caravan but our budget is so tight that if it saves some cash I fear we will have to. We have permission for a caravan on site but due to an error by our architect we didn't realise until it was too late that this was only for use as a site office - might just chance it though.
  11. Many thanks Joe. I thought that might be the case.
  12. We have to vacate our long term rental home in 2 months. The plan had always been to move to a static caravan on site but there's no way we are now going to have the required services installed in time. We are having to consider moving to a cheap rental flat at least for a few months and wondering if there is really any financial benefit to then buying and moving to a caravan. Anyone know if you have to pay council tax for a static? Any advice about the benefits one way or the other would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I have outsourced all the contestable works including all the trench digging and the moling to a local groundworks contractor who I am also using to lay my foundations (I am in Scotland). I was lucky that he has his own mole but I did get quotes from other small scale local groundworks guys who all seemed to have someone they used for moling. Are you doing the trenching yourself? It is very costly to have your power company do it. Might be worth asking around locally for someone with a mole but also I believe they can be hired by the day.
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