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  1. Unfortunately I can't afford to send you a cheque (got to spend my money on changing the tank!!) but I still thank you for you advice.
  2. I don't think I have a high water table, we are pure clay here which is horrendous when it comes to digging anything, it's either rock hard or as soft as marshmallow and gets everywhere but I have never hit rock before. The only thing is that I seem to get a bit of movement between winter and summer when the clay shrinks and expands which has caused me a few issues. The hole will fill with water if it rains as the clay tends to hold onto it when the hole is dug but once it is backfilled it should be fine, but I did wonder about concreting it in because of this. I have asked the supplier these questions but they all seem to think that theirs is the best!
  3. Thanks, I feel like I am entering a mindfield, a very smelly one too!! I just want to get it right from the beginning, but thank you for your advice, very helpful.
  4. Thank you very much, I will bear that in mind, I certainly don't want to be fixing something in that area!!
  5. The current one is holds about 2,000 litres, it was a shared cesspit originally. It has 3 chambers in total but the overflow smellys pretty bad. I just need one that is big enough to cater for a maximum of 6/7 people. The difference in cost I assume is in the groundwork not the price of the tank which is why I wondered why there was such a difference in the price, but if the Bio Pure is going to do the job then I guess that will be good enough (hopefully!!)
  6. I have a septic tank on the property that looks as though it was built with the house in the 1920's and I have to change it. I am in a dilemma about what to change it to as I have no experience in this area whatsoever. I have had several quotes and each person seems to be telling me something different!! I am looking at a Bio Pure which is the cheapest option (by £2k!!) and the Klargester Biotec 1 and the Solido Smart which are about the same price. The overflow at present runs into a ditch which is mainly dry during the summer months. I did think about resituating the tank but I was told it would come under different rules as I am not using the pre-existing outlet. Has anyone got any experience or information in this field as I do not want to make the wrong decision and find later on that I can't sell the property because I have not got the correct paperwork or tank. Any help would be greatly appreciated.