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  1. Dan, very sensibly, asked my why not passive house? I replied the following. I have three children who leave all the doors windows open so not sure how effective PH is in that scenario! Plus we have a massive amount of glazing on a south facing site so was also a bit worried about solar gain. Tell me if you think I am wrong? I also love a fire and one company said if we go passive house we will hardly have the heating on so a fire would be out of the question. I know its a really small thing but we really wanted a wood burner. Plus we have lots of animals, children over, need a cat flap etc..... So I am just being practical and thinking about the way we actually live. Please tell me if I am wrong or missing something here?
  2. Hi Dan We were going for supply and erect. We are considering both options but I have a price for foundations plus supply and erect and the groundworks prices are fairly similar to my groundwork quotes so am happy either way Not passive house. 0.14 - 0.13 No desperate hurry but want to get on with it. We have finance in place but are living on site in a tiny house with 3 children so not ideal! We haven't had any quotes for closed panels with pre fitted windows but would be happy to look at it.I have spent a lot of time on hear reading everyones views on windows so there are certain brands that I feel disinclined towards! I am feeling now that perhaps we should go for a one stop shop to get out of the ground and in the dry so we can take a breather and then organise subbies and do the internals ourselves as much as possible. House is a very simply design. We have spent a lot on the plot so we are trying to keep the costs down as much as possible for the build without trying to compromise on quality. Would appreciate any advice either on the forum or via DM Many thanks indeed Jo
  3. Hi everyone. We are over the moon that we have a plot, and we have planning and are now in the challenging stage of budgeting and deciding who to go with. I have spent several hours now on this site audit has been invaluable with so far, so hoping you can help with this. We have decided on timber frame over SIPS. Would anyone be happy to share their views on the frame companies they looked at, who they chose and how it has gone for them with that supplier? I know what you are promised if not always what is delivered and I would love all the good and bad stories. I would also love some tips on what to look out for so that we compare like with like. I would be particularly interested in views on MBC too, if you have gone with them and if you didn't, why not. Many thanks indeed. Jo