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  1. Thanks Mike Its not possible to take out the fence as the neighbour has all sorts behind their fence such as a shed for their wheelie bins etc. If I were to use concrete type dense blocks would they need a render course? Richard
  2. Hi Can anyone suggest a Textured material/paint to cover up an exterior Airlight block wall as opposed to a traditional cement render . The issue is the wall is there is only a10cm gap from a neighbour 6 ft close board fence so a roller on a pole or something needs to be used Any suggestions thankfully appreiciated.
  3. HI Just about to install a wireless system into my sons new build,I have been installing since the late 80`s always used Scantronic (qualified sparks fit alarms as and when needed) and all hard wired there not much to go wrong really. Now going down the wireless route for the first time and looking at the most popular Pyronix or Visonic. I would appreciate any advice on which product to use. Thanks Richard
  4. Thank you very much for your reply. Would it be best to put services in to each plot as well as meeting conditions, there are a few conditions which I think is normal as its a conservation area ?,as this would make them more attractive to individual buyers. We need to go about 100 mts for Gas and Electric I think water and sewerage are nearer,I am think about £30k for services
  5. No do not live there I also have other rental property and worked in the financial services sector, so I am well aware of taxation, and ways to mitigate tax. I am not the only owner so it will be CGT using annual exception (12K) then 18% and remainder at 28%. The idea also behind the split is we could spread the gains over more than 1 year, or even move into a new build this would also enable a reclaim of VAT.
  6. We have full planning that is the route we had to go down as its in a conservation area and the council were a bit awkward on design but it went through 1st time
  7. Thanks for your advice, its my 1st venture in development from scratch, I have experience renovations/extensions etc. My estate agent is encouraging us to split it into 5 or develop the site ourselves because of the silly offers from developers. The site is in the East Mids in a conservation area,there are several conditions to be met before any build can commence, such as window type, bricks etc, so I would try to gain agreement with Erewash Council before hand. I will look at the situation with CIL/S106 Thanks Richard
  8. Hi all My name is Richard and I am new to the forum. We have full planning permission for 5 units on one planning application, this consists of a Farmhouse, 2 Barn Conversions and 2 new build plots. What we want to do is split the application into 5 individual units to allow us to sell plots off individually to provide more flexibility when selling. An idea is to sell off the Farm House allowing us cash flow to develop the rest of the site. My question is has any one out there had any experience in this area, would it mean going back to planning and submit 5 individual applications, we do not intend to change any of the plots or plans already granted with full detailed planning consent. My other question is what would it cost for an architect to revise our plans Thank you Richard