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  1. Thank you for the quick and great advice. I will be getting an architect in to confirm the above and try some ideas out within the limits of the PD regs! Cheers
  2. Thank you for the awesome replies! To clarify, we are in West Yorkshire and the current extension is considerably less than 50% of the floor area of the house (maybe around 20%) and I don't think it needed planning permission. Yeah for any work to the windows, I would be hiring a structural engineer and going through BC! That planning advice service looks very useful thanks. So - regarding the planning - enlarging the current 2 windows to either 1 long bi-fold glass door or 2 sets of enlarged (+ 50cm-100cm each window) Bi-fold doors - I probably don't need planning? And to enlarge the current balcony to the one in the diagram - if any part of the whole balcony (including the current balcony you can see in the picture) sits on a stable garden area <300mm I probably don't need planning? Cheers
  3. Hello friendly people, I'm hoping you can help me out with some advice...mostly for the peace of mind before any next steps. We want to do a few updates to our bungalow, 1) Extend the current Windows (to bifold doors) at the front of our house, there are 2 windows about 2m wide each, 1 of them runs nearly floor to ceiling whilst the other is around 70%. 2) Extend the balcony (stone built) with a wood patio about 2.5m out and 6m to the left. To clarifyit is a detached Bungalow nearer to the countryside....so only the backside has any neighbors and they are literally in other streets (+50m away) and as the Bungalow is on a hill we are already looking down on them with the existing windows/balcony. I've spoken to a builder (briefly) and he has advised I don't need planning permission to remove these windows and replace with bi-folding patio glass doors as the current large windows are already there and as this is an old single story flat roof extension with nothing above there is additional support required beams wise. Also similar to the above, there is an existing stone base balcony on the right side (65cm above the garden at the tallest but less than 30cm above the garden at the shortest), we want to extend as above but it would now also sit in front of the 2 windows area. SEE attached diagram and photo of the proposals. Would the above 2 changes be ok under PD or planning required? Since they are both basically extending the current windows and balcony we are not sure and not getting a solid answer! CHEERS for the help, DD