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  1. Hi Everyone, The title of my post could not be more accurate. Brief picture of my situation: Left the USA after 10 years last year, sold house moved for job down south, relocating to Cumbria later this year looking for land for a self build, home for renovation or existing property I have looked at several plots of land in and around the Lake District - none which i have bought, almost bought one - missed out The dream is to buy land and build a 4 bedroom home, all environmentally friendly, latest technology etc, however.. I honestly have NO idea where to start which i why i found this forum. If i found land how would i know if i could get permission to build, basic questions like this are preventing me from even knowing what to do first! I am in a fortunate situation where i would have the money to pull the trigger on at least the land, or is it best to get a loan for the land and spend the cash on the home, too many questions I would really appreciate some basic initial advice on just where to start with the whole process from anyone with the patience, i am going through the forum alot recently seeing some ideas Thankyou Richard