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  1. Hi It looks like one. It is a piece of wire joining these two outer blocks together, if it goes all the way across to the other block.
  2. What would be the purpose of this wall tie connecting these two blocks approximately 3 foot from ground level? That`s if it goes all the way across to the next block.
  3. It`s the law. I have to tell them the roof has been replaced twice in 2 years plus all this remedial work going on. Would you buy a house that has had the roof replaced twice in the first two years? Google it and you will see. Maybe if the roof had lasted 30 years, then been replaced it`s a different story.
  4. Sorry, only just saw these replies. No recording. I`m still pushing for the MD to meet me as it states in their company complaints policy that once it has been escalated it will go to him and he will be available to meet/speak. Unfortunately he has declined my many requests. I mentioned a lot of things to them. Showed them pictures of things now covered up etc. The SE did an inspection but is coming back next Tuesday to do a full structural survey inside and out. They are organising a thermal imaging company to attend and look for missing insulation etc. A local estate agent has said all these repairs plus 2 full roof repairs will devalue my house and make it harder to sell. None of this is my doing. One thing i`ve not mentioned before on here is the front wall of the house is out of plumb by 50mm. The bottom section of wall that is built up to first floor level at stone ridge is longer than the next level of wall above so where it meets the movement joint at the curve you can see it clearly. The bottom section is 20mm longer. I`m putting everything in writing to them that we discussed. I`ll put all my questions to them also. Then at least there is a written record on my behalf to prevent any confusion later. Here is a picture showing the wall that is longer and out of plumb plus some bricks on the side that are looking a bit wonky.
  5. I would never purchase a new build again. These developers (in my case) build sub standard houses. Hopefully my post will help others who stumble across it and help self builders avoid build mistakes that have been made on my house. I will update on the outcome.
  6. I have a site meeting with the developers technical team and a structural engineer tmw. We shall see how it pans out. I have information from the concrete block association, the render manufacturer, a chartered surveyor, mortar testing and a few other bits to see what they have to say. The evidence is overwhelming now. That snagging company are too far from me.
  7. It`s gone well beyond snagging. The faults are there to see.
  8. It is xtratherm, it has a hard plastic face which they say is to prevent water penetration.. Other areas it is just rockwool type, others I can see polystyrene and other areas nothing at at.
  9. A better picture showing badly fitted insulation, missing insulation and big mortar snot stuck on inner block and xtratherm board.
  10. Should the expansion joint have these types of ties or should they be flat slip ties?
  11. Should this stone ledge have a DPC installed? It is first floor level. It looks like a cavity tray but runs the whole length of this stone ledge and across the back of the house that has no ledge. It is attached to the inner wall, crosses the cavity, drops down and sits under the outer block.
  12. The Davild Wison block of flats that is about 18 months old on my estate has had scaffold just gone up. It is a rendered property with the same roof as mine designed by the same architect company who won an award for our development. I think they are in for some bad luck.
  13. Right now I don`t know if they are aware they have issues or they think it`s nothing major.
  14. This is not the first time i`ve waiting in for people who never turned up, it has happened a lot. Thanks for the link.
  15. Before I purchased this house I since found out everyone with my type of roof have had issues. One house had his repaired 3 times. All this before I moved in so i would guess they knew there were problems with the design. Plus my ceilings have the tell tale signs of leak repairs. I have noticed cracks in other rendered houses, some withrender that has blown off. DPC levels on many are wrong. 2 exact same 2 storey brick houses along the street, one has expansion joint running up both sides of the house, in the middle of gable from ground to the roof, the other has none. Did they forget to put them in? 🙄