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  1. I am in the process of planing the internal layout for the new selfbuild. I am building towards the passive house and will definitely have MVHR The layout of two bathrooms seems to fit better being located internally without having external walls and so the window. Initially I thought the window in the bathroom would be important but then the more I educate about MVHR and passive house I can't see that this would be needed at all for ventilation purpose but I suppose aesthetically could be beneficial. What are your thoughts?
  2. Hi, I've decided on Ytong and got competitive price from MKM If you need full load you can get better price for direct delivery to the site.
  3. Thank you for sharing. I have 10m radius so should be able to bend the battens. Tiling roof will be interesting
  4. Thank you for your comments Mr Punter. In terms of fixing the cladding is even more interesting as it is a round house I haven't decided yet but I am considering couple different options. One of them is to lay some battens on top of the insulation let's say 25 -38mm thick This will make the wall unnecessarily thicker but then having a bit of air gap between cladding and insulation maybe would be a good think.... I've attached architect vision image below.
  5. It would be great to see what are other people thoughts are on the best position to place the windows in the solid 215 block wall with external 150mm PIR insulation and timber cladding. Thermally and visually I am thinking to place them just outside of the block work (within the PIR insulation) that should eliminate any thermal bridging and have good 215mm internal window sill. However, will the windows be well secured just on some straps and sitting within the PIR insulation?
  6. Thank you for the link. I am glad that is not only me who couldn't find the answer I think I will go for: block, 5-7mm mortar, dpm 50mm overlap 5-7mm mortar, dpc, 5-7mm mortar, block. In my case where the wall is 215mm wide and DPC is 225mm wide it will be neater to have the DPC slighly sticking out of the wall on top of DPM ratehr than trying to squze 225mm DPC under the DPM
  7. Please see one more photo showing where I am at the moment. The DPM, insulation and cocnrete slab has been layed down. This is a 215mm solid internal wall. It is kind of free standing internal square that's why structural engineer required 215mm thickness.
  8. Yes, please see attached photos
  9. Thanks Daclan for your reply. I agree with you but I may have also confused you. I have left more of DPM but now I am at the stage of actually laying the blocks above and I need to trim the DPM. I am kind of trying to find the best practise in terms of how much overlap to leave when you put the mortar and also should you put the mortar between DPM and DPC. I am probably to cautious but at the same time don't want to make silly mistake.... Thank you.
  10. Hi Declan, I mean actual internal wall inside the building but it is load bearing on top of the footings.
  11. I am starting first layer of blocks above DPC and I wanted to ask other people for opinion about DPM / DPC overlap best practise. I've seen many diagrams showing the overlap but I haven't seen one peace of information of the actual best way of doing. It is an internal 215mm load bearing wall. Building control officer said to live about 50mm dpm overlap during oversite inspection. I decided to: Put some mortar on the blocks Then bend on it 50mm dpm, Then some more mortar, Then DPC, some more mortar and blocks. Is that the best way of doing? Please see attached photo? Am I being to cautious? Thank you in advance.
  12. Thank you. I would love to see what your set up and results are as I was planing to run some kind of experiment too.
  13. Thank you for that, very interesting reading. I suppose my knowledge on the words "Thermal Mass" was only taken from educating myself about Passive Houses.......