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  1. yeh my actual issue were to start SE has now said to sit a 203 UC 86 on top of 250x150x16 RHS which is supported by posts 100x100x10 SHS however he has no opinions on how to fix these together
  2. o dear they have us by the never nevers thanks for your replys if we didnt have to adhere to BC then i would apply common scene and get it built its obvious now that there opinion is just that ive seen guys on here do the calculations my SE just said put a beam on top of abeam to get my heights even i know there's implications to that gonna crack on BC have passed his dribble so im gonna say i did what it said on your tin
  3. yes i am feeling that way too i have spent a lot of time measuring up how ever there is in my opinion now an issue with what steel is going to or even possible to fit above doors because all beams are connected would mean they all are about 2100 above finished floor level i think that's to low its only at this stage i noticed incorrect details for position of plate and a size stated at 8mm when its 12mm these professionals have let us down you put a lot of faith in people and set yourself up for a lot of disappointment thanks for your time pocster i am worried that i will have to start again with new so called professionals because i don't think it will get past BC to fit another steel under RHS beam No 4 cheers
  4. ive yet to have a good experience with an architect or structural engineer and it seems to be happening again it must be me however i read the responses from some members on a couple of different sites and their knowledge and comprehension is amazing im struggling again with my choice of architect i even vetted four of them this time next time im not having one ill do it all from these sites thanks to you all A3 Bailie 006c Steels.pdf