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  1. We are having our self build built by a main contractor. He has priced the build up for us, which we are happy with. We now need a contract ASAP. He has provided a JCT building contract which I think is for larger more complex works than our job. We do not have a contract administrator which is mentioned in the contract. would a home owner contract or intermediate contract be better? its just straight forward build cost approx 300k please help as new to all this
  2. Hi thanks for you advice above. I am now trying to find out which JCT contract I should use. Home owner contract. intermediate or building contract JCT. this is is just for our resi new build with not contract administrator. Any advice?
  3. Hi we are just about to start on new build and have hired a small builder to to the complete build. we are looking at a JCT contract. Fixed price. contract looks basis to me. what are the pros and cons. What should I look for in a contract ant advice? thanks Kerri
  4. Hi wonder if you can help. we are just about to start a self build using a main contractor for all the works. (Single resi unit build costs less than 500k) we have a build warranty in place for once completed and he has a tradesman insurance including contractors all risks for build. our self build lender is insisting that they are named on the policy as having a financial interest. axa who provide the tradesman cover to our contractor will not add their interest. do I need to buy another policy where we can get the lender noted? Is this normal? my concern then is that I and the contractor are both covering the same thing and who would claim in the event of a loss. ie the house burns down. I go to claim the insurance company say that it is insured twice so the want to split the claim costs. In which case the lenders interest is only noted on half so they may not be happy with that? can anybody let me know how this is resolved normally. was hoping to complete on mortgage this week and this is setting me back. So keen to resolve. thanks kerri