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  1. We are required to tarmac the first 10m of our drive to stop the gravel going on the road. This was a planning stipulation. Think it will be about 50m2 Any ideas of what this may cost. We will need to get someone in so it will be material and labour
  2. What is better, a solid oak front door or a veneer one, if the solids oak worth the extra cost?
  3. that is possible, I would really like to understand how they view this and what the requirements are but it is not clear and still waiting a reply? In the mean time I am left wondering so thought I would ask hear in case anyone had similar experiences
  4. Thanks. See below too. Total agreed lend is higher than the 140k we are requesting?
  5. Thanks, you are right that it is not water tight but we have completed, Land purchase, foundations, build to roof, so I would expect to have the funds released from these stages? And the funds from water tight released later. We should be able to release 140k based on what we have done I would have thought. They also advertise they don’t have set stages. I think it would be normal to spend more that the project is worth as it progresses, I might be wrong? But land with a half built house is not worth the money spent on the project and land because if it did not complete the land would possibly be devalued as half built house on it.
  6. Hi temp I have looked all over paperwork and it just gives the 75% ltv in arrears as quidance?
  7. We seem to be having unforeseen difficulties with draw down of funds with our building society. It may be that we have misunderstood. The product was a 75% mortgage so 75% of land and build costs max 75% val of total project at anyone time. We have borrowed 2k from morg company at outset as they said we need to to kick of morg. I have then spent 220k of my own funds on the project. Valuer has been out and valued project a 200k currently. The roof is on and windows yet to go in. So we have had no release of funds for land, foundations, roof etc so we have funded 3 stages ourselves. I understand funds are released after completion of each stage(although this morg is advertised as having flexible stages) Now I have asked BS for 140k based on the 3 stages completed and their land to value criteria. They are offering 60k. I have asked why I can not have the 140k and they said it does not work like that and is at underwriters discretion. We have never had any detailed drawdown plans from the BS and they seem to be hiding behind, 'its at their discretion' but I find it impossible to plan a cash flow and understand their requirements as they are not being transparent with them. I was just working on what was advertised in their literature 75%LTV I have not been at all worried about funds advanced in arrears of stages as I have funded the first 3 myself so was confident they would released funds on these stages that have been completed. They seem to be indicating that part of the morg application consideration was that I could fund the first 3 stages then they would fund the later, then advance in arrears the stages that they are funding? This was not made clear to me. They said I had to spend my own funds first but , not that they would lend on what I had funded. I am not sure this is the entire problem but they have muttered this. I only get to speak to the admin assistant not the UW so they have limited knowledge. I have asked for a lump sum that is more than I need currently but I was happy to pay the interest on it and thought it would be simpler that many draw downs and valuations etc. I had also emailed the building society my cash flow previously for confirmation that they we happy with it and they just said Underwriters will confirm as build progresses. Any advice or similar experiences?
  8. Hello We are having a house built and would like a log burner. The architect has not designed a large enough fire place. The opening is only 60cm. However if we do not put the cavity wall in there will be an opening of 100cm which is fine. Is there something like a liner that we could use that would do the same job as a cavity wall but not take up the space. We need to ensure that the building warranty provider will be happy with the alternative so it needs to meet regs.
  9. We are having our self build built by a main contractor. He has priced the build up for us, which we are happy with. We now need a contract ASAP. He has provided a JCT building contract which I think is for larger more complex works than our job. We do not have a contract administrator which is mentioned in the contract. would a home owner contract or intermediate contract be better? its just straight forward build cost approx 300k please help as new to all this
  10. Hi thanks for you advice above. I am now trying to find out which JCT contract I should use. Home owner contract. intermediate or building contract JCT. this is is just for our resi new build with not contract administrator. Any advice?
  11. Hi we are just about to start on new build and have hired a small builder to to the complete build. we are looking at a JCT contract. Fixed price. contract looks basis to me. what are the pros and cons. What should I look for in a contract ant advice? thanks Kerri
  12. Hi wonder if you can help. we are just about to start a self build using a main contractor for all the works. (Single resi unit build costs less than 500k) we have a build warranty in place for once completed and he has a tradesman insurance including contractors all risks for build. our self build lender is insisting that they are named on the policy as having a financial interest. axa who provide the tradesman cover to our contractor will not add their interest. do I need to buy another policy where we can get the lender noted? Is this normal? my concern then is that I and the contractor are both covering the same thing and who would claim in the event of a loss. ie the house burns down. I go to claim the insurance company say that it is insured twice so the want to split the claim costs. In which case the lenders interest is only noted on half so they may not be happy with that? can anybody let me know how this is resolved normally. was hoping to complete on mortgage this week and this is setting me back. So keen to resolve. thanks kerri
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