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  1. Yes, just the one on each. Just looked at the GSE in roof, and yes, that'd be perfect. They're on the front of the new flats, the velux windows are to the back, so it'd be ideal for them to look as nice as they can. Especially as whole place is done in clay tiles.
  2. Brick, full fill celotex, block, just as you said. Yes, should have been 0.75kw.
  3. Finally it's sorted, brick and block, like I wanted in the first place, that's guys, all conforms. I still need the. 75 solar panels as expected, any ideas on what I should be paying, and the best sort of people to use?
  4. Even at the Homebuilder show, I asked every timber frame company there, and they all said the same. These will be long term rentals, unlikely to ever be sold, even if I could save a few quid with a 100mm frame, which is doubtful, I still wouldn't want it in that application.
  5. The issue with the build method was the fact it was fundamentally a very poor design, using a timber frame size that framing specialists refuse to build in (100x50mm) Technically, it's allowed, but in my mind far below the standard I'd want my house built in. Then to be told its the only way to get the SAP figures. Anyway, all that is by the by, as I've now got it done exactly how I wanted it in the first place, and it's compliant. Why they couldn't just do what I wanted in the first place is beyond me. I've got a detached bungalow to do shortly, guess who I won't be using. Now, armed with a good builder, and excellent building control, I'll break ground within the month.
  6. Reckon mine would be capable if being that bad, as my whole construction is wrong.
  7. They are the building regs side of an architects. Been established for years, and planning side was perfect. Building control picked up a mass of mistakes, relating to insulation, fire, etc, they didn't give me a list, just said there were thirteen mistakes. Theses are now resolved, but where he told me I had to have gas boilers, I'm fine with electric, and was told I needed it to be timber framed, which is only 100x50mm, which no one even wanted to built, turns out I'm fine with brick and block, which is what I wanted. Just can't trust what he says.
  8. It's become apparent that the guy who's done my regs and SAP calculations really isn't up to the job, he's made just too many mistakes. So I need someone capable of doing them. I guess what I'm doing isn't especially straightforward, but it really shouldn't be a problem for someone that does this for a living. I'm wondering about the service Jewson offers, and wonder if anyone has any experience of it. Failing that, I'm in the Clacton / Colchester area of Essex, if anyone can recommend someone good.
  9. Could I go 12.5 PB, 100mm block, 100mm Celotex, or 50mm Celotex, plus 50mm air gap, then the outside blocks?
  10. The bit about GA4000 was regarding Ian saying it wasn't the right stuff for the timber frame but Celloxtex saying it was. I've no real idea on any of this, just knew I wanted brick and block, and have now fully established my architect isn't clued up enough to sort things. What you've just said would be ideal, if it'll do the value.
  11. Celotex website says GA4000 is correct for timber frame buildings.
  12. Target isn't as cheap as possible, and yes, the builder I'm now using will make a superb job, especially as I've got a 3 bed high standard bungalow to do afterwards. Would it be safe to assume solid board is twice as insulating as blown beads? Block, 100mm solid board, then brick plinth, and block with render on the outside would be perfect outcome.
  13. I can't see how what he's made that wall up with could possibly have the same values as you have. You're using 50mm more insulation, and a 100mm block in place of a sheet of plasterboard.