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    Building a timber frame Passive house using a frame from PH Homes. Enjoying the experience and hoping a successful outcome will help support others to build green. And trying to learn as much as we can as we go along!

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  1. Thanks for the replies. I was doing a quick search on boards and only came up with 2.4m so that's great to know. We're looking for higher ceilings but just might have to dig down a bit to stop the house getting too tall.
  2. is it sensible and/or difficult to build rooms with ceiling heights that are different from 2.4m, I understand that this is the standard length of plasterboard, but I was looking for a slightly higher room height of 2.6m?
  3. Thank you to all of you for making us feel so welcome and your replies which are tremendously helpful. We’ll certainly look at the PHPP software. Good question on what I mean by effective - I do mean from a technical angle and from all the replies, it sounds like while all building methods could achieve it - a timber frame produced off site stands a better chance. I’m keen to use someone who does more of a package to avoid the arguments between contractors. I’ve seen both MBC and Fleming mentioned on here. Is there anyone else anyone would recommend? Thanks again to everyone.
  4. We are new to this forum - currently have designs and a plot and want to build a passive home. We have researched different options and decided (maybe wrongly?) that we should definitely not go the traditional masonry route so are investigating timber frame companies. We are considering Baufritz but cannot find any feedback on them on BuildHub. Does anyone have any experience of them?