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  1. Hello. Has anyone on here changed a 28i for a 30i please? Is it a reasonable one for one swap or are alterations to pipework, wall mounting, flue installation etc required please? Thank you, Pete.
  2. Hello. Could anyone please advise ? What is the thread size found on a standard 22mm compression fitting ? It seems to be 14tpi and is slightly larger than 3/4bsp. Thank you, Pete.
  3. Hello. Could anyone please advise, if they know of a company in the UK which can produce a copy of a traditional wooden internal house door but in plain white UPVC ? Door would need to be from 40m/m to 45m/m in thickness and frame would need to have solid fillers at locations where hinges and handle would be fitted. Thank you, Pete.
  4. Many thanks to Ferdinand and SimplySimon for the replies. Many thanks to AnonymousBosch for the time and trouble taken in linking the video's.
  5. Thanks, but unfortunately they are not made the traditional way. I can only get at six of the treads from underneath and nothing else.
  6. Hello. Stairs and upstairs landings creaking loudly underfoot. House built in mid 70's, wooden stairs and landings dried out. Could anyone please advise of a method or a product which could deal with this problem, without having to tear the place apart ? I will take up the stair carpet and underlay if I have to. Thank you, Pete.
  7. Many thanks to Mr Punter & Newhome for your replies. Much appreciated. Pete.
  8. Hello. Am seeking independent confirmation on the following please. Planning Permission no longer required, to open pave over or to gravel over a garden to provide parking spaces. Can anyone please confirm what piece of legislation introduced this and on what date? Thank you Pete.