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  1. It’s going to be concret block that i have accepted as a finish that with metal switches and conduit I can make an industrial look rather than a clean smart look. With a few additions below once the bank balance has recovered...
  2. The build progress so far is that its going to be built on a brick raft with a ring beam and spine that is way over the required spec but better to be over the top and not crack years down the line. Walls are to be concrete block and a roof covered with sedum to blend in a little bit by covering the flat roof. the front will be bifold doors with mirror film on the doors to reflect some light back into the garden. Footings are dug and the pour will be on Friday after the building inspector visit on Thursday.
  3. I’m not lookin to be cheap as the roof is costing loads to be strong enough to support a sedum roof so lots of steel and joists to make it strong enough. I am looking at the bits that I may be able to do that i can save some money to spend elsewhere on the project. I fit were to live in it would be opening skylights but as its only for the cars I’m going for cheaper ebay ones so the money saved can be spent on a resin floor. It’s the same with the ceiling, I’m fine screwing things to the joists but plastering a ceiling is beyond my physical ability so its the labour thats the big cost. I have looked at various sheet materials but haven’t found anything so looks like board and plaster it will be. The idea of champhered edge board could be a good option similar to some good looking ply internal cladding I have seen on some builds. As for artex, I will take that with a pinch of salt. That stuf is a magnet for dust and would look like it hasn’t been cleaned since the seventies after about a week.
  4. Im expecting someone to give me a miracle material that looks great and I can just screw to the joists. its a long shot but you never know someone may have an outside the box idea.
  5. The plasterboard isn't so expensive its the cost to have someone plaster properly. filling the edges and painting will just annoy me each time i look at it.
  6. Its detached and built at the end of the garden under incidental use/not habitable
  7. Hi Im just starting a garage build 8 meters by 6 meters and the cost of boarding and plastering the ceiling is a fair bit of money. I will be installing kingspan into the voids between the joists and had thought to board and plaster but hope someone has a suggestion for a ceiling that I can install myself without having to plaster it. Any ideas that wont look as bad as plasterboard with the edges full of filler. Sensible and way out suggestions are welcome and will be taken with a pinch of salt.
  8. It does seem excessive until you start to add up the costs for a roof and steels to cover the span. also getting builders to come and quote for a brick build seems almost impossible to get them to turn up or come back with a price. Sips does add up but i haven't got a block built price to compare to yet. If anyone wants to build it for me id be happy for them to quote with concrete block and flat roof. Im in KT3 New Malden
  9. Hi yes it’s for a couple of classic cars, with bifold doors that I will mirror film or have internal blinds depending on the budget left once the shell is together. The roof span if sip panels will be internally supporting designed by the supplier (superior sips) if it’s going to be block build then the roof will be steals and joists. Flat roof with roof lights and sedum to help the build blend in a bit as it is on large side ( footprint is bigger than the house). Many recomendations are much appreciated.
  10. Hi It looks like this is the place I wish I knew about before i started planning my garage/man cave build as its full of information and help. I have permission to build and am in the process of trying to get quotes in both brick and SIP before I decide what to go for. Im sure will be asking plenty of questions along the way and will be back to show how things go along the way.