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  1. Yeah, I'd had a chuckle at that before, maybe you could pass on the name of your percolation "expert" It's certainly a long term home, maybe not forever, hopefully I'll hear back from Paul Usher today and get some advice on how best to tackle it. Thanks again for the replies.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Ian, I've emailed Klargester, thank you. ProDave and The Dreamer, whilst the effluent doesn't discharge directly into the watercouse, as the end of the pipe is only around 20 metres from the Brook and that it's on a downward slope, the water must end up in the Brook. The current owner thinks that it's acceptable as it doesn't directly discharge into the Brook, I don't think it will meet the new regulations and yes, It may give me some leverage to negotiate the price.
  3. Hi Everybody, I've been lurking here for a few months, learning lots about ASHP and MHVR systems, which I'd like to include in the renovation of a 1960's bungalow that we are in the process of buying, it's in pretty good shape for it's age and we haven't got the money to knock it down and start again... It's got an old brick / concrete septic tank probably original from when the house was built, the outflow pipe is buried below the boundary hedgerow and it appears above ground approximately 50 metres from the tank, this is still on our land but is only about 20 metres from a brook, as the property is currently empty, there was as would be expected, no sign of any moisture. I don't think that the system is compliant with the new revised regulations and need to have it surveyed. Has anybody used a septic tank specialist in Cheshire or the North West that they would recommend? All suggestions appreciated. Thanks