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  1. It would probably be crowded roof rather than vaulted I provided a photo of. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to do more on first floor. Planning would definitely reject more than that. I've been playing with design further and thinking how the variety in the ceiling creates natural zones to the open plan.
  2. The rear of the house is north facing, so currently quite dark, but with the large skylights it will be very light (as my next door neighbour's is). The building firm I last spoke say it would be no problem putting a gable roof on the extension (even with the first floor extension) bit like these images. Regarding the toilet I sketched this layout quickly, so no issues with just checking the toilet where it is off the hallway but making slightly larger. No comments on my first floor layout?
  3. Thanks. The "closet" is actually a small toilet currently so both have a downstairs toilet but alternative design allows for a larger one and I'd use the old space for shoes coats etc. Regarding pantry I was thinking it could also fit on the left hand side of the open plan, next to the toilet.
  4. Thanks for the reply and advice. Much appreciated. About 10 houuses on my street have completed this exact extension we're proposing, including my direct neighbour and house next to them. So I'm not too concerned about that. Spoken to a few architects and design and build teams and all have said the same thing to us. First we submit a prior approval application under Permitted development and neighbour consultation for the 6m extension. One approved then we file for planning on first floor on a separate application.
  5. I'll throw in an alternative design which is more structural work but builder tells me isn't actually making a lot more expensive in the grand scheme of things.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm looking for some feedback on some designs my wife and I have come up with for a proposed two storey extension to our north London 30s semi. First thing to say is if I lived anywhere else in the country I would just move (or would have bought something bigger in the first place) but with London prices I think extending a maxing the size of property makes financial sense given we really don't want to move from the area. A next step house detached house with decent garden and as good location is at least double price of our current house. Our house already has a loft conversion, which we completed when we firstbmoved in 7 years ago. Up there we have a large master bedroom and ensuite. I also created a garden study by converting the back two thirds of my detached garage. I retained the front third as a compact garage storage. Our plans are to knock down the old 70s 3m rear extension and build a new 6m ground floor extension, where we'll add a kitchen diner. We'll create a laundry room in the middle of the house and pantry cupboard. On the first floor we were considering extending 3m by 3m (max we'd be allowed - plenty on street have done it). Current thinking is we move the bathroom to what is the box bedroom and create a double bedroom and shower room from the current bathroom and new space. Reason for this is we have 2 young girls and each will need a good sized bedroom - on the assumption we're in the house for the next 10 years if we do this work. Both my wife and my parents are not local (one set abroad) but visit regularly along with other family so we need retain double bedroom for guests. Thanks in advance for feedback, ideas and advice. Current 1st floor Current ground floor Proposed ground floor Proposed 1st floor
  7. Hi everyone, looking forward to hearing your views. A little about us. We're planning to extend our north London 1930s semi. My wife and I have two young girls and love the area. We already did a loft conversion and the house has as a 3m rear extension, but many on our road have "maxed" the houses out with 6m and first floor too - we're thinking of doing the same. May seem crazy but next worthwhile step up were taking double cost of the house and with stamp that's huge amount of dead money. My initial hope is for your feedback on our initial design. If we go ahead sure there will be more advice to seek 🙂
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