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  1. Looking to put some in the driveway and also in front of garage ...any particular make that is better than the rest or are they all about the same. thanks
  2. Does anyone know if I can get a y junction that is different to the normal offset 2 pipes into one, I'm trying to source 1 y junction that is shaped more of a u shape so 2 x 110mm inlets into 1x 110mm outlet but with the pipes parallel and not set at the normal angles. I have seen them before on the web but I don't think they were UK. Shape wise like this
  3. You would think so, but the bit of pipe i need to move doesn't seem to be the problem area, that plus they are so dead against anything being built I really cannot see a time they won't make things difficult if possible.
  4. Private pipe, wayleave in place, map of wayleave very very sketching and not good enough to know exactly where. Pipes are still the responsibility of the owners and is old , 2-3 problems a year apparently further up the line due to bad ground and old black brittle pipe. I would most certainly lay the new pipe cut and connect but they will see the work and even without an interruption i'm quite sure they will whinge. If there is no official way of doing it I can only see myself trenching and laying new pipe all ready for when my guys "accidentally " dig through the pipe, I can fix the "mistake" at my cost and being ever so helpful do it quickly 👍
  5. I'll stick with law unto themselves. I have no axe to grind I have planning that fullfills 90% of what I wanted so i'm happy. If I get the changes I want so be it, if not thats ok I'll build what I have and still be very happy. However working with the planners has not been easiest. Info has only been offered when requested or re-requested and any advice seems to come in bit parts and grudgingly given. I can and have found out more information off the internet or here than was ever offered from planners. They as a public servant do have a duty to assist the applicant, if however they are short of staff or short of time then does this give them the right to hinder the developer either in taking a long time or not assisting as much as they possibly could with advice or recommendations, as this is then only at the developers expense. To now make a charge to even call the planners is a complete joke in my view, my taxes contribute to them existing and yet I cannot use their services without paying again. I really don't see the squaring of an impossible circle issue, they are reasonably well paid to do a professional job. Personally speaking if they had at least communicated quickly and openly and in a friendly manner they may not have reminded me of trying to deal with a sullen school boy dragging his heels over any issue and only verbally engaging with monosyllables as a last resort or with a clip round the ear.
  6. Yeah thanks mate, i was hoping that the neighbour would ease up once the planning was given , but doesn't appear so, the new house location would be another 20 odd meters further away so yes better I guess for them , also at an angle which is is now but adding distance making the angle even better. Saying that one of their whinges was that we are close to them....Hmmm separated by a track/road and closest part of the house was 25 metres I think when I measured it. I didn't think the planners would be too concerned on the original plans but I did have to move the garage location , from east to west and put in a new access and a 90 metre private drive parallel to the roadway and that was most definitely to placate the neighbour who didn't want a driveway opposite theirs, bear in mind this is rural as hell and my driveway was an existing 12ft field gate into the site, which is now the part of the acreage hat has to remain agricultural grr.
  7. I have full planning given, very different now to the class q, curtilage is 90% of the site 3/4 acre. The whole reason to get the planning was the q class was so crap and restrictive. We will have a neighbour that will measure everything !!! when not there and whinge whine and generally be assholes when there. Nimby doesn't describe these people accurately enough.
  8. It would be within the red line as I have the red line around the whole site bar one area to remain "agricultural"
  9. I have a pipe running through the site that feeds the "awkward" neighbour, not directly under the future slab but near enough that the ground work guys said "yeah we will dig through that" as I'm levelling the plot somewhat, I have the space on the site to situate a new pipe going around the boundary , approx 50m of pipe and trench that would remove any future issues with the pipe location , do I just serve notice on them that I am moving their pipe location and cost is down to me or do I have to do anything else. I would trench and lay new pipe before cutting anything so they would not be inconvenienced for any length of time, plus put in a tap on my boundary for future access.
  10. I wish mate. When I first started this project the head planner was (known) throughout the area and the comments about them were lets say ...."interesting" They have now gone , the new one is i've been informed "difficult" I look forward to dealing with planners as much as I look forward to having a rectum probe, I know at some point in life it'll happen I just wish i was a more pleasant experience.
  11. I think ours was/is 1 day a week if they are in/available/ certain time /given to an assistant to answer(who knows bugger all) if the council phones are working (yes had that one for 3 days). Love planners.
  12. Yep all happy with doing a new app, I just think they will respond in 8 weeks or in planning speak (when we want to) and say nope.
  13. Yup it would be a full new application. They would def notice as it would be about 20 metres away Ohh and just remembered , they have changed the rules now so can't talk to planners without paying them, pay for 30mins they will talk for 20 and allow 10 for writing up the info. Very helpful.
  14. Lmao , to your edit, ohhh yes this area planners are a law to themselves and not helpful. Funny as their job spec is to assist (us-the applicants) with planning not be a hindrance or awkward for the sake of it. As a civil servant myself if I operated like they do I would jobless in hours, not days, weeks or years. I think I will be hard pushed like you say , I specifically kept the form /shape the same to offer the path of least resistance and I do have planning that I can work with so don't have to bend over and take what they are offering but with a free planning go I'll let it run and appeal if necessary and see what reasons they come up with. Be interesting if anyone has done similar.