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  1. nickw

    Planning condition changes

    Yep ours apparently turned the CIL down on what was offered and are probably putting the CIL in this year on a higher rate or something according to the head planner last year. Of course the other surrounding areas are already CIL , I just happen to be in one that has not adopted it yet so they were happy when the funds rolled in knowing that from this year onwards I would be exempt.
  2. nickw

    Planning condition changes

    I realise the planners arn't interested in the mortgage stuff, I am annoyed at the architect as he tried to change the roof type under fulfilling the planning conditions, it's only now with the planning response that he has come back and said "this isn't possible as the planers have said we need the NMA. He didn't advise us of this and now several weeks down the line I get this email. Also annoying to pay the 106 AGAIN as thats a few grand out the bank for awhile. The mortgage side of things I mentioned as they haven't agreed everything yet and of course they are only agreeing to whats given in the planning, whereas we did all the prep work for the self build, costings and the like on a standing seam roof as the the architect had said that should be fine. Now I will re cost for a slate roof and hopefully the mortgage will be fine with the submission and then put in for a change of roof material afterwards. The main trouble is I have an option on the land, this was subject to planning being given and mortgage being given and each delay gets closer to where my option runs out and the land can then be retained by the farmer or sold to someone else with a possible extra 50k because we have spent the last 9 months getting the planning by converting a q class to full planning.
  3. So we had the full planning given with something like 9 conditions of which no real issues are expected. Originally we had put in for a slate/tile roof as the mortgage company had said thats all they would be ok with, subsequent to the planning going in the mortgage company then agreed a standing seam metal roof. Planning given with the original slate/tile and architect said we could put in a variation, just had this back from architect/planners " Regarding the details that have been submitted to discharge conditions 3, 4 and 5 of the above application, please see my comments below: 3. Prior to their use on site, details/samples of the materials proposed to be used on the external surfaces of the buildings, shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The approved materials shall be so used and retained thereafter. Please note that this requires details of the materials for all the buildings. I note the proposed change in roof material from natural slate to the standing seam metal (Anthracite colour), whilst I do not object in principal to the use of the metal roofing this change to the approved plans cannot be made via a discharge of condition application and having discussed with Adrian we would suggest that you need to submit an application to vary the approved plans, this could be done either as a section 73 application or as a revised scheme however in either case the new applications would require a new unilateral undertaking and contribution to public open space in accordance with policy AL/DE/3. We are not able to refund the contribution in respect of either application until there is conclusive evidence which consent has been implemented. " Is this really all I can do? Also they came back with this on another condition " Prior to its installation on site, details of the proposed heat pump shall be submitted to, and approved in writing by, the Local Planning Authority. The details shall include manufacturers specification, including noise levels generated by the pump. I note the technical details that have been submitted in relation to the Samsung EHS Monobloc GEN5, please confirm which model is proposed" I did send them a sample of the roof (colourcoat urban) and also the samsung latest heatpump brochure and seems that is not good enough. Just more delays in getting started it seems. Thanks for any advice
  4. nickw

    Eps raft systems

    Thanks guys, I'll try these as well for quotes.
  5. nickw

    Eps raft systems

    Any recommendations out there and why? AFT Castle Forms Kore Iosquick any others ?
  6. Guys need some info recommendations, trying to come up with a ballpark costing for the first fix on all the plumbing. Looking through various posts and trying to make sense of everything. I need to do the work to keep all the costs down. Water is from borehole now, not the original mains. Is 10mm the norm for sinks/taps/loos Hep20 pipe or other How much should I budget for connections to 5 sinks/3 loos/2 showers/manifolds?/runs are prob 10-12m runs or shorter from mains entry. No idea whats good and or not, different recommendations on all posts it seems, I rather pay more for better stuff/longevity and of course ease of fitting. Help! house plans.pdf
  7. nickw

    Another scaffold post

    Mine doesn't include weekly visit, if inc it's about £5100 plus mine is only 1 lift , looks to be about half your height, eaves are only at 3.2m ish. Just waiting on another few quotes. I figure I'll change a couple of things to get the cost down.
  8. Yep seen a few on here and didn't want to resurrect an old one. What a minefield of costs scaffold is, in relation to price and their how they cost and other things. Had a "discussion" with them on how the cost needs to show labor separately for me to claim back, which approx amounts to %80 of costing. Does this seem expensive to anyone in the know. Weekly site visit @75 a visit plus. Any other hidden charges I need to watch out for? scaffold quote.pdf
  9. nickw

    Samsung ashp

    The plan will hopefully go to original size 230 m2, plus upstairs "loft) of another 120 m2 so I used some calculation or other and it gave me a fairly big kw. But hey I really do know nothing and am learning all the time, I do realize that I cannot under size it for the build at any cost. I'm trying to cost everything for the mortgage company and isn't easy when I can't or haven't got the spec on everything I need. Steel roof beam for example, what load and so on. Does sometimes get a bit daunting on all the bits I need to know. Put something in front of me and I can build it, but ordering and knowing the parts ...hmmm
  10. Guys I'm looking at these, any good?, its 12-14kw range that i'm looking at and I'd like a reliable and well tested one.
  11. nickw

    Easement cost

    Thanks Guys all useful advice. More I think about it the more it looks to be borehole with its associated short term costs but long term gain. Now to get some eyewatering quotes. JS had a look at the link you sent ty for that, the ones listed nearby look to be approx 45metres, I know there are a couple around closer that arn't on the geo system. Could you Pm me with the contact for hydrologist you mentioned. Again Ta all, all advice is helpful.
  12. nickw

    Easement cost

    thanks guys, Ferdinand to help answer the questions, I haven't completed on the land yet, I have an option running out out in about 2 months, The land owner has been great in all regards to his side of things, way leaves for electric on his , no problem no cost, putting in just under 2 k of water pipe , through hedges and so on, no problem no cost bar me doing the work (some with his help) and paying for all the gear. I had to move quickly on the land otherwise someone would have taken it and also taken the chance like I have and it's taken along time to find a viable, affordable plot so he was pretty good to give me an option, the option was in place subject to getting full planning off a q class already in place. However the original q class was awful and I guess it had put a lot of people off. Then there was the issue of a troublesome neighbor objecting to everything they possibly could. With all that in mind , planning went through no problem with some amendments I did to placate the neighbor. I didn't want to spend out money before planing was given as if it hadn't been I would not have gone ahead with the q class, so now I racing to catch up , order the electric and get on with the water. It was the landowner that originally has said "water wont be a problem" 99% laid on his land and the last bit by the other owner as I mentioned has everyone that sits that side of the land going through the land. All the properties I will be even remotely close to have problems with their water every year, so bits are dug up on a regular basis, mine was going to be new and hopefully done with zero issues for certainly a time to come. I cannot now with the planning in place re negotiate the land cost , as the owner is sitting pretty with full planning now. I see my options as 1. pay whatever the cost, so far £3 k in materials, plus sw water connection and infrastructure( yet to be told how much) plus now the legal stuff and whatever he quotes for his easement. total cost unknown yet. 2. Buy the land and sell onto to someone else with an unlimited budget, make some money on the deal as the value has gone up, take off expenses so far and time 12 months and walk away pretty pissed off with lessons learnt. 3. Borehole, costs unknown. Best guess 7-9k
  13. Now need to get an easement for a water pipe, was told it would all be fine when I offered on the land and before I got planning, now told the land owner is fine but the last field to cross to the mains the different owner wants £750 just on solicitor cost x2 as I could be doing this with another property owner who can sort his water out once and for all. So 1500 quid just on legal and I'm waiting to hear what the chartered surveyor is advising the landowner of the actual easement charge. What do you reckon will be the cost?. Will cross 400 yards of sloping arable field, that already has umpteen pipes in it from others who have historically had it laid over the years in somewhat of a Devon style ( various pipes and multiple take offs from other pipes) best guess welcome.
  14. nickw

    Does this seem legit?

    Last update for this particular system , complete rubbish it seems. I have had umpteen promises that a registered installer that is actually doing one of these projects will call me so I can verify their credentials and also the "group" doing the offer. No calls and just promises. I have also had confirmation from Ofgem to quote " I am able to advise on specifically queried investors and I can confirm that we have received no application for a company called “MIN-GRID UK LTD”. Two of the requirements for an Investor to apply to become a Registered Investor is that they must be a member of one of the two consumer Codes, these are RECC and HIES and they must have a model contract approved by the code before they apply to become a Registered Investor with Ofgem. " So all in all does look like a complete scam of sorts. I have asked for the URIR and contract Id numbers and of course was promised them from "head Office" of course they did not materialize and once I queried this as it should be the easiest thing to more emails or response so you can draw your own conclusion. So be aware if you see this one advertised, I would leave well alone.
  15. nickw

    Does this seem legit?

    I will indeed, soon as I can speak to someone that confirms this is happening and not just the company selling it.